Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #8

A nearly lost episode of Survey Says, at last salvaged from the digital depths and dusted off to assume its rightful place in the canon. For on this edition, we throw it back to the time when Harry met Taylor: 1989! Andy and Tim are joined by guest Todd Weber, who brings his firsthand recollections of this magical year for the National Wrestling Alliance. Topics you’ll encounter as we weave in and out of the promotion’s various major shows and storylines include:

*A remarkably young and ahead of his time Eddie Gilbert

*The period-specific sex appeal of Michael Hayes

*Rick Steiner and his motley cast of (sometimes imaginary) supporting characters

*Kevin Sullivan: decorated collegiate athlete and part-time druid

*Paul E. Dangerously’s less-than-original Original¬†Midnight¬†Express

*Rocket pushes for the returning Ricky Steamboat and Terry Funk

*Ric Flair’s legendary performances, sans Horsemen
*The Great Muta, Hiro Matsuda, Gary Hart’s J-Tex Corporation, and the ensuing “Japanese Panic”
PLUS: break-dancing Vince Young, our favorite jobber tag team, and a surprising analog for Dick Slater! All this, wrapped up in our signature deep cuts. Given the timing of this recording, we also hope you enjoy our references to events, appearances, and holidays that have already taken place.

Todd Weber is the producer extraordinaire for the Place To Be Nation POP! family of podcasts, where he hosts Conversation Comics. He can be found AT toddweberguitar on Twitter.

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