Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #6 – Part 2

Andy, Tim, and special guest star Travis Banks conclude their February PPV cavalcade with SuperBrawls VI through 2001! Highlights include: Public Enemy immediately justifying their 2-year WCW tenure; the mechanics of a “worked shoot” angle; heel Lex Luger as a very Sometimes Food; Museum Mania with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (directed by Terrence Malick); a SOMEWHAT UNIQUE way of marking the time between Scott Steiner’s heel turn and its eventual payoff; Kayfabe Crime Story: The People vs. H.H. Hogan; SuperBrawl IX: Seinfeld Gif Edition; the worst match Tim has ever seen (really); and Reginald VelJohnson (not really). PLUS: a mea culpa from Travis? All topped off by a spontaneous Festival of Friendship.

Follow Travis on Twitter @travis_banks, and Survey Says will return in just a few short weeks when Spring (among other things) is in the air!