Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #14 – Top 10 GAB Matches

Survey Says slides into summer with a seasonally appropriate theme AND a Place To Be crossover special! For this episode doubles as an installment of PTP POP’s Rank & File podcast. To that end, Andy and Tim welcome Rank and File host Jordan Duncan as their guest/master of ceremonies. The subject of our assessment? Top 10 matches of the Great American Bash! Tune in for:
– Surprising WCW connections to the city of Baltimore
– Jordan’s WCW origin story
– The unusual evergreen appeal of Steve “Mongo” McMichael
– Karate Master Stan Lane
– A truly reaching and unflattering anatomical hot take on Bobby Eaton
– Blood in wrestling: for or against?
– Bash ’89’s place in history
– Our definitive, scientific ranking of the greatest Great American Bash matches!  (Spoiler: Kane vs. Batista vs. the Great Khali did not make anyone’s list.)
What did we overrate? What did we underrate? What did we overlook? What did we immediately regret owning up to? School’s out, so lay down your compass, your protractor, your files, your surveying implements, and hop aboard the most rip-roarin’, rootin’-tootin’, crackerjack WCW podcast of Place to Be Nation Wrestling! Survey Says has got you covered for the summer!
Follow Jordan Duncan on our companion feed, Place To Be Nation POP, where he co-hosts PTBN Play, in addtion to Rank & File.
NEXT MONTH: The boys have a “blast” with another first-time guest and friend of the show.

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