Sunday Discussion & Great Balls of Fire Live Watch Thread 7/9/17

Happy Sunday, Nation! Hang with us throughout the day to talk about whatever is on your mind. We are always down for GWWE discussion of course!

And of course, be sure to be here by 7pm ET as we all watch and chat about Great Balls of Fire together!

Also, be sure to check out Brian’s written preview of the big show right here¬†and our Main Event podcast preview right here! See you below!

405 thoughts on “Sunday Discussion & Great Balls of Fire Live Watch Thread 7/9/17

  1. Sup Nation! The McGinn wedding was a success!

    Heading to he beach today but will be settled in tonight to watch and chat about Great Balls of Fire… what are your picks?

    1. It’s sad that the WWE doesn’t seem interested in taking the big 2 outside of their current comfort zone “vacation spots”. I have no doubt other cities would make very competitive bids. This is especially true for Summerslam…gah! They really need to go the ballpark route and give “winter cities” a chance to host the big shows again. (ahem::Chicago::cough)

    2. Fenway would be terrible for live wrestling and there are not enough hotels, venues for other shows, restaurants, bars, etc. around foxboro for people traveling to Mania.

    1. Ifs weird to say because the feud is so flat, but the Rollins/Wyatt match is the most interesting to me. Reason being, Wyatt desperately needs a “big match” win, but against Rollins it seems unlikely. Seriously, it’s weird booking!

      1. I’m a big proponent that the best use of Wyatt is picking fights with heroes who suffered devastating losses and have newly rattled confidence. Playing mind games with people it would actually work on.

        Seth’s like the polar opposite of that after slaying HHH. It’s just a mind boggling feud pairing.

  2. Not gonna see GBOF tonight, heading to all-star Sunday, watching the futures game and some celebrity softball action.

    No, Sid will not be playing there tonight.

  3. Doing some watching of really old WWWF (60s-70s) for PTBN GWWE. Anybody have any good youtube channels or other places online for classic matches?

    1. Ive been waiting patiently for those for sure. I really wanted to see the evolution of CM Punk within this brand. He says this time was the most influential for his career. He learned the business inside and out during this time from Paul Heyman.

  4. I swear, I just saw a decent Beautiful Bobby promo. On the

    8-20-88 episode of World Championship Wrestling, Arn and Tully interrupt a Midnight Express promo and Bobby gets in Tully’s face and says he does his talking in the ring and repeats Tully is a piece of trash like three or four times. It was like seeing a unicorn.

  5. Tag team break-ups with fake make-ups are a nice, if obvious touch, and aren’t done much anymore. It’s a good way of stretching the story. Granted, this Enzo/Cass thing has taken place over the span of a single PPV build, but still. Appreciate it when I see it.

          1. He just returned from injury, but given his run so far I don’t think he’s above Tozawa in the pecking order.

  6. 1.75*, terrible offense from Kazawa. It didn’t seem like his offense clicked very well. I did like the firemans carry into a octopus stretch, that was done well. Overall another great performance by King Neville. That stop and show of the belt before the fade was awesomely heel!

      1. Yep, and even the Goldberg stuff was flukey. He legitimately looks sympathetic here. Which I guess is to say, there is still value to having Brock around… provided he does more than the formulaic bullshit.

    1. It’s gotta be a Goldberg Mania style match – maybe 8 minutes? I can’t see them giving Joe enough to sustain a 20 minute match.

    1. Brian, I’m going a full star higher on my rating. They were able to get good offense in a quick eight minute match. They had different move sets from Raw, and plus the heel got a clean win, that alone is worth the higher rating.

      1. I dont think Bray should be winning anything due to how cold his character has become. He can lose then they can retool him. Regardless, that match was one I was not really looking forward to seeing.

        I expected the Cruiser match to end in a way that could lead to a rematch but they did it in a really ineffective way.

          1. Yeah, I wrote in my preview if he wins its because they are continuing the feud. I was just hoping they had Seth win and move both on to something else because these guys do not appear to have much chemistry.

  7. Wow! Excellent opener. These guys have great chemistry in the ring. Huge win for Wyatt. This match alone has me high on them moving forward.

  8. Seeing Dixie on WWE tv is odd, do they pull the Bischoff and make her a GM, with AJ having the look of shock when she comes walking in

    1. I picked Cesaro & Sheamus. Its too soon for them to lose and The Hardy’s can lose and possibly come back with the “Broken” stuff.

  9. Anytime Matt takes a Hard shot to the head I just hope he gets up Broken, Jeff may not need it but I felt like it gave Matt character

      1. I could see that, maybe we get a possible club reunion since finns feuding with the drifter who’s been paling around with Sheamus & Cesaro

        1. Apparently they worked as faces against The Revival last week for a match shown on Main Event.

          They can turn them by reuniting The Club and since Balor pinned Cesaro twice recently that can be used in storyline

  10. Nice to see Mike out of the dog house. Courtney and I’s favorite combo, The Miz and Mayrze. Axel knows how to dress, by the way.

  11. Hey fellas joined late in the ppv but live now cuz I skipped the opener and most of this IC match. Thought Enzo/Cass forwarded their characters well, loved the tag, and the womens match showed they will likely produce a great SS match. Happy with the finish.

    1. They used all the bells and whistles to fight past this has been done to death. Limb selling, Maryse with the rope break, and constant interference. Predictable, but performed pretty well.

  12. My rankings so far:

    Neville/Tozawa: **3/4
    Rollins/Wyatt: **1/4
    Cass/Enzo: *
    Iron Man Tag: ***
    Sasha/Alexa: ***3/4
    Ambrose/Miz: **1/2

    1. I’m safely at ***3/4 and may re-watch to see with everything (including post match), it could lightly touch ****. Most likely not, felt 3.75 was right on the money but it was damn good with little to ding it with.

  13. They had a bunch of moving pieces for the death slot. Just don’t like how Miz is booked for cheap wins. Kid talks his ass off to put himself and the IC belt over and they book him like the Honky Tonk Man. Mike is better than that.

    1. Roman. Would like to see Cena and him at SS and a Joe Lesnar rematch. I realize I say that before seeing how they work together

        1. So off the top of my head:

          Ryback/Cena (last fall of 2 out of 3)

          There’s gotta be more than that right?

    1. I mean, where are the police right? We’re using city resources for this jaws of life nonsense, aren’t police called when the fire department is?

        1. Although I laughed because Angle said “Someone call 911” and then you heard someone else say “No don’t”. Guessing they didn’t want the fans calling.

    1. I’m okay with that if they whole match is a five minute sprint like WM33.

      Much better that than fifteen minutes of German suplexes.

        1. Joe winning the title would be a waste of whatever rub comes from someone finally beating Brock for the title after 3 years of no full timer actually slaying the monster.

          It’d be like taking the one bullet you get and firing it straight up into the air.

          1. How so? It’d make a star out of Joe. The rumors is saying that Roman will beat Brock for the title. Does he need anymore accolades.

          2. Joe’s from the same generation as Cena, Bryan and Batista. With all the young guys they want to build up for the future, the old guy isn’t the best choice.

          3. Roman, Rollins, Ambrose, Wyatt, Jinder, Owens, Sami, etc.

            Anybody with a full career ahead of them.

            Not the guy pushing 40.

    1. I mean, everything up to Braun getting out looked hokey as hell, but he was really beat up. Unless he was in there punching himself in the mouth, i don’t know.

      1. That hasn’t stopped them from farting on people’s pushes before. This is a dumb company built on moments.

        I’m glad they let Joe get the edge early and built from there. That definitely paid off the build they had going in.

  14. Grading on the Brock curve, bonus points for breaking out the sidewalk slam in addition to the requisite Germans/F5. Joe worked hard as hell to make it more than a ho-hum Brock match, and succeeded.

  15. I only wish they could have came up with a better transition at the end from “i’ve got you nearly choked out” into “I’m fine, here’s a pop-up F5 that you can’t kick out of”.

  16. Non-scientific, non-star ratings:

    Brock-Joe: Good
    Roman-Braun: Good
    Miz-Dean: Fine
    Alexa-Sasha: Great
    Sheasaro-Hardyz: Good
    Enzo-Cass: Fine
    Bray-Rollins: Fine
    Neville-Tozawa: Good

  17. Hey guys, I tuned in for Brock-Joe and it was good, but not as good as I wanted it to be.

    Then, on the encouragement of Steve Wille, I watched the post match stuff with Braun.

    It was really funny and stupid and I think I am supposed to take it seriously but it was so bad, dude.

    OK, see you all for the next Brock match!

  18. Thinking more on the main, there are a lot of things I liked:

    – Joe never appearing scared or intimidated
    – Joe jumping Brock before the bell (complete continuation of the TV build)
    – Brock selling
    – Joe blocking Brock’s knees (the announcers did not note this)

    Dumb things I nitpick on:
    – The entire match is a struggle that looks like a fight until they do the first clutch spot and Brock breaks when he runs Joe into the turnbuckle so his head bounces off and then he does wacky I’m dazed selling.
    – One pop-up F5 (that the announcers say Joe got caught with, even though he was grinding Brock into the ground with his submission. It wasn’t like he let up) does Joe in – a kickout there sends the crowd into a frenzy even though we’ve seen Brock dish multiple ones before.

    1. Also, i maybe liked this more than the Goldberg match when i think deeper on the pieces here (selling, psychology, callbacks, liking Joe more than washed up Goldberg).

    2. And I think finisher spamming in general hurts this, but even if you center it on Brock matches you can see how this has been watered down like the F-5 of late.

      1. and, this is a rehash of something on twitter Chad and I talked through, my complaint is less on it taking one as it is the transition/pop-up. Have no issue trying to bring back the strength of that move – BUT Brock is really responsible for this, not just a wrestling-wide thing.

  19. Dug tonight’s PPV. Loved what Brock & Joe did, just a big fight throwing big shots at each other. I don’t think it’s a one and done. Also dug the Ambulance Match and the aftermath. I think we get the 4 way for Summerslam wiith Brock/Roman/Joe/Braun. The Ironman and Womens Matches were very good too.

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