Steve’s Wonderful Lists of Disney: Villains #69-61

It’s time now to begin unveiling my third list where I will rank the Disney villains, and we kick things off here with #69-61:

Nature | Moana: Diving Deep into Nature Spirituality

69. Te Ka (Moana)

Initially believed to be a separate entity after the heart of Te Fiti, she is revealed to be the corrupted Te Fiti who is restored to her original form thanks to Moana.

Willie the Giant (Fun and Fancy Free) | Classic disney movies, Disney  villains, Disney art

68. Willie the Giant (Fun and Fancy Free)

This gentle giant grows angry when Mickey and his friends try to reclaim the magic harp and he seemingly falls to his death, but he amazingly survives and continues his search in Los Angeles.

Disney Villain Profiles: The Ringmaster from "Dumbo" | Inside the Magic

67. The Ringmaster (Dumbo)

The leader of the circus that Dumbo and his mother are a part of, he shows his true colors by imprisoning Mrs. Jumbo and forcing Dumbo to be a clown.

Honest John and Gideon are so funny | Pinocchio, Disney cartoons, Cartoon

66. Honest John Foulfellow and Gideon (Pinocchio)

This pair of con artists trick Pinocchio first into being a part of Stromboli’s show, and later they are paid off by the Coachman to bring young boys including Pinocchio to Pleasure Island.

Arthur (Wreck-It Ralph) | Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons Wiki | Fandom

65. Arthur (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

This virus that copies insecurities first copies Vanellope’s to crash “Slaughter Race” before coping Ralph’s insecurities and unleashing thousands of clones into the internet.

Coachman (Disney)/Gallery | Villains Wiki | Fandom

64. The Coachman (Pinocchio)

This shady businessman runs Pleasure Island and brings hundreds of rowdy boys to the island, and after they are turned into donkeys he sells them for profit.

LUMP JAW ~ Fun and Fancy Free, 1947 | Fun, Fancy, Free

63. Lumpjaw (Fun and Fancy Free)

The jealous bear who tries to make Lulubelle his own only to be outsmarted by Bongo and he is felt riding a log down the river and over a waterfall.

Ronno | Disney Wiki | Fandom

62. Ronno (Bambi)

This young buck fights with Bambi for the love of Faline and Bambi emerges victorious as Ronno is left licking his wounds.

Alameda Slim Home on the Range | All disney movies, Disney villains, Disney  movies

61. Alameda Slim (Home on the Range)

This yodeling cattle rustler steals cows from a ranch and then buys the ranch under an alias, but he is thwarted by Maggie and her friends as he finally faces his justice.

That concludes this portion of the list, next week I will unveil #60-51.