Steve’s Wonderful Lists of Disney: Heroes/Princes #10-1

It’s time now to unveil my selections for the top 10 Heroes and Princes in Disney history:

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10. The Prince (Cinderella)

At first unwilling to go along with his father to settle down with someone, the Prince is swayed after meeting Cinderella and he goes so far as to have every woman in the land try on the missing glass slipper to find her.

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9. Kristoff (Frozen)

The rugged ice collector is drawn to Anna as he helps her try to save Elsa and end the endless winter, and he falls in love with Anna even though she ends up saving the day.

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8. Prince Charming (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

The one that set the standard bearer for years to come, the Prince falls in love with Snow White upon first seeing her and he ultimately brings her out of her eternal slumber with true love’s kiss.

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7. Eugene “Flynn Rider” Fitzherbert (Tangled)

This wanted thief inadvertently comes upon Rapunzel’s tower and helps her get to the kingdom to see the lanterns, and eventually he sacrifices himself to save Rapunzel and becomes reformed.

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6. Hercules (Hercules)

This young man born as a God, but raised by mortal parents learns what it truly means to be a hero as he saves the Gods from the Titans and sacrifices himself to save Meg which restores his immortality.

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5. Simba (The Lion King)

The future King of the Pride Lands is excited to rule when he is a child, but he goes into exile and becomes a free spirit before coming to the realization that he must take his place as King which he does.

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4. Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Saved from his wrecked ship thanks to Ariel, this prince goes to great lengths to find the girl with the lovely voice before realizing that it is Ariel and he helps her by killing Ursula and saving Atlantica.

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3. Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty)

Possibly the most active Prince in Disney history, Philip goes above and beyond to destroy Maleficent and save the kingdom while also bringing Aurora out of her eternal slumber.

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2. Aladdin (Aladdin)

The street rat finds a lamp with a Genie in it and he wishes to be a prince so he can marry Princess Jasmine, but he learns that Jasmine in fact loves him for who he is and he helps save Agrabah from Jafar.

And now, my pick for the Number One Hero/Prince in Disney history:

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  1. The Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

Cursed to be a beast due to his selfish nature, the Beast goes on an incredible journey as he discovers love and is loved back which enables him to regain his humanity and he is more than worthy of being the greatest Hero or Prince in Disney history.

That concludes the rankings of Heroes and Princes, next week we kick off our next list which is ranking the Princesses.