SPACE CITY!: An NWA on Demand Podcast 4-5-17

Pete and Johnny buckle down and look at some wrestling matches from the Sam Houston Coliseum.

1. Killer Kowalski, Gunkel, and Lisowski vs Mr. Moto/Keomuka/Bollas
2.Whiskers Savage/Farmer Jones vs Fred Blassie/Bill McDaniels
3. Ted Dibiase/Missing Link vs Jack Victory/John Tatum 8/8/86
4. 2 ring Battle Royal 8/8/86
5. Fantastics vs Sting/Eddie Gilbert 9/9/86
6.Fantastics vs Sting/Eddie Gilbert 2 out of 3 falls 9/21/86

We discuss and analyze all the matches. Talk about guys who have had an impact in developing Sting as a wrestler. Also Johnny talks about the adventures of Officer Too Cool.