SmackDown Report for 9/4/20

SmackDown on Fox Episode #49
SmackDown Episode # 1,098
Orlando, FL – The Thunderdome (Amway Center)

The show opens with a recap video of the Universal Championship match at Payback where Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship. 

We then go into the Thunderdome where the new Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring alongside Paul Heyman. Heyman gets on the mic and said he thought he was gone and away from the WWE, but Reigns pulled him back in, and before people start accusing him of corrupting Reigns Heyman wants it to be noted that it was the other way around. Heyman said that Reigns saved him and brought him back to the island of relevancy after he had been thrown aside into shark-infested waters. Heyman continues and says that the reason for this change in Reigns is because he was treated the exact same way Heyman was because even after going through a life-threatening illness Reigns would come back and over-deliver every time he was in the ring but he never got any appreciation or even a simple thank you for doing so, and to make it worse when he needed time off they let a Fiend take his title but a Fiend isn’t born to reign and neither is a monster. 

Heyman says that Reign’s reign as champion will be defined by what WWE is built on which is family, tradition, legacy, the responsibility of being a champion, and the accountability held to those actions as the champion. Heyman talks about how on Raw they had a triple threat match to determine Drew McIntyre’s challenger at Clash of Champions, but the Universal Champion is more spectacular than that so there will be a four-way match to determine Reigns’s first challenger and sacrifice at Clash of Champions. Heyman doesn’t care to name the participants in the four-way because he will leave that to Cole and Graves or as he put it Anderson Cooper and Carmella’s latest boyfriend. Heyman closes by saying that he is serving a special council to the tribal chief and Universal Champion Roman Reigns. 

Roman Reigns gets on the mic and says that he did exactly what he promised to do at Payback which was to sign the contract, wreck The Fiend, wreck Strowman, and leave Universal Champion. Reigns says he doesn’t care who he faces at Clash of Champions because anyone that gets fed to him will get slaughtered and furthermore this is his island and when you have power like he does all you have to do is show up and win…Believe That! 

Why in the world did it take WWE five years before they finally gave us a heel Roman Reigns, he has only been in this role for two weeks and he is already ten times more interesting than anything he did while he was a babyface. It’s interesting how this is Reigns’ fifth time as either a WWE or Universal Champion but for me it wasn’t until he was standing in the ring with the belt over his shoulder and Heyman was cutting that promo that I finally felt like he was that top tier star that WWE has been wanting me to see him as for the past five years. It helps so much that he has Heyman there to do most of the talking because as we learned way back in 2012-2014, Reigns is best when his talking is kept to a minimum. 

Cole and Graves hype up tonight’s show and then Heavy Machinery makes their way to the ring as they will be in action next. 

We come back to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman walking in the back when they run into Jey Uso, Jey tells Reigns that the whole family is proud of him and as Heyman walks off Jey asks Reigns if he trusts Heyman and Reigns tells Jey to trust him as everything is in order. Jey says he has Reigns’ back anytime he needs it and Reigns tells him he has business to take care of but Jey can hit him up if he needs anything. Jey goes to ask Reigns if he wants to go get some steaks after the show, but Reigns had already walked off. 

Match #1: Heavy Machinery vs The Miz & John Morrison
Miz starts the match out with Otis and goes right for a rear waistlock but Otis reverses into one of his own which he uses to take Miz down to the mat. Miz delivers a back elbow and then hits Otis with a few strikes before running off the ropes where he is met with a shoulder block from Otis. Otis tags in Tucker and the two of them hit Miz with a double shoulder block. Miz hits Tucker with a jawbreaker out of desperation and then tags in Morrison who is taken down with a leg trip but he quickly gets back to his feet. Tucker sends Morrison into the ropes and catches him with a big hip toss and then he crushes him in the corner with an avalanche while Otis makes a blind tag. Otis whips Tucker into Morrison once again and then Tucker sends Morrison out to Otis who takes him down with a shoulder block. Otis sends Morrison hard into the corner and then hits him with a big back body drop. Miz runs in and this leads to Otis and Tucker each picking up an opponent and slamming him to the mat. Heavy Machinery clotheslines their opponents to the outside which sends us to a commercial break. 

We come back to Tucker fighting his way out of the heel corner only to be taken back down by Morrison who hits him from behind. Miz and Morrison send Tucker into the ropes but they duck their heads which allows Tucker to tumble over their backs and make a tag to Otis. Otis comes in and takes both men down with a shoulder block and then he hits Morrison with a flapjack. Otis goes for an avalanche on Morrison while he is in the heel corner but Morrison is able to get out of the way and Miz is able to make a blind tag at the same time. Morrison hits Otis with the chuck kick and then Miz fishhooks Otis’s nose and as he is doing this he tags Morrison back in who connects with a running knee and then Miz follows up with a running boot to the face but this is only enough to hold Otis down for a 2 count. 

Morrison lands a few strikes and then tags Miz back in so that they can whip Otis into the corner where Miz tries for his corner clothesline, but Otis moves out of the way and then he sends Morrison flying over the top rope. Otis looks to make a tag to Tucker, but before he can Morrison pulls Tucker off the apron and hits him with the Moonlight Drive on the outside. Miz starts to fire away with some kicks to Otis’s chest but this starts to fire up the big man and eventually he catches the leg of Miz and hits him with an exploder and then delivers one to Morrison as well. Otis hits both men with an avalanche as they are stacked in the corner and then Otis hits Miz with the Caterpillar elbow drop. Otis climbs up to the middle rope so he can hit Miz with a Vader Bomb and that is enough to finish off the A-Lister.
Winner: Heavy Machinery via Pinfall   Match Rating: **¼ 

This was a pretty paint by numbers tag match but the one thing I did like was that Otis used the Vader Bomb to end the match instead of just pinning Miz after the elbow drop, I think the Vader Bomb is a much more impactful move to end a match rather than just a simple elbow drop which we see in every match. 

After the match, John Morrison grabs Otis’s Money in the Bank briefcase and runs off with it. 

We go to the back where Big E, Drew Gulak, & Lucha House Party are standing next to a cake as Big E tells us that it’s Xavier Woods’s birthday and he is making his return tonight and then Big E starts talking about his big number one contender match tonight. A crew member walks up and informs Big E that Xavier Woods has arrived, but when Big E goes out to greet him he is ambushed by Sheamus. The two men brawl next to the garage door before Sheamus gets the upper hand and starts slamming his face into the hood of a car and then Sheamus jumps up on the hood and brings Big E up with him so that he can hit Big E with the White Noise on the hood. Referees and agents run up to check on Big E as we go to break. 

We come back to the scene of the Big E attack and now we have EMTs on the scene who are putting him on a backboard and we are told that Big E has suffered internal lacerations and is being carried to a local medical facility (not a hospital but a medical facility). Kayla Braxton is on the scene as Sheamus walks up all smug about what he just did and denies that it was an ambush when it clearly was. Sheamus blames Big E for what happened to him because if you want to be in the main event you need to stay focussed and while he is ready for Sheamus and Riddle later that night all that Big E cared about was getting to dance and laugh with his good friend and that’s sad. 

I am glad that they took Big E out of the four-way because it was highly likely that he would’ve won the match if he were in it and I think it’s too soon to do Reigns vs Big E especially if they plan on Big E’s single run being a long term thing, I personally would love to see Big E win the Rumble and take the title off Reigns at WrestleMania 37. I thought the beatdown was very well done and now we have a good reason for Big E and Sheamus to have a rematch. 

We then cut to an interview with Sasha and Bayley who are asked about the rough couple of weeks they have had and then goes into detail about everything they’ve been through until Sasha cuts her off and asks if there is a point to her asking that question. Bayley says they weren’t prepared for Shayna and Nia and didn’t know what they were getting into, but they know now and are going to win their tag titles back.

We then go to a commercial break.

We come back to Adam Pearce being interviewed about the condition of Big E and whether he can make it to tonight’s four-way match, Pearce says he is being evaluated but he won’t be cleared to compete in tonight’s main event. Pearce says that they are working on finding a replacement as the match will still be a four-way match. Heyman walks up and asks to speak to Pearce in private and they walk off. 

Cesaro & Nakamura get a quick inset promo where they talk about the women’s tag title match tonight and then mock Big E. 

Match #2: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax © vs Bayley & Sasha Banks (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships)
Shayna and Nia argue about who is going to start the match and while they take time doing this Bayley and Sasha attack them and send them out to the floor. Bayley and Sasha attempt to go for stereo baseball slides but they both get caught and are swung into the barricade multiple times before being dropped on the floor and this sends us to a commercial break. 

We come back to Shayna in control of Bayley’s arm as she hits her with an arm trapped suplex and then she tags in Nia who hits Bayley with an avalanche and Shayna follows that up with a running knee to the chest in the corner. Bayley tries to get in some shots but they are having no effect as Nia puts Bayley over her shoulder and drops down to one knee for a gutbuster on Bayley which gets a 2 count. Nia biels Bayley over to the corner and then hits her with a couple of running hip attacks as Bayley is seated in the corner. Nia then locks in a rest hold for a couple of minutes until Bayley gets to her feet and fights out of it and then Nia sends Bayley back into the corner. Bayley grabs Nia by the hair but Nia shoves her back into the corner and tags Shayna in and she hits Bayley with another running knee attack in the corner. 

Shayna takes Bayley down to the mat and locks in a hammerlock and then as Bayley tries her best to fight back Shayna puts her foot against the back of Bayley’s arm and falls back for an arm breaker on Bayley. Bayley is in bad shape as she rolls out to the apron but she still has some fight in her as she tries to kick Shayna only for Shayna to kick her in the bad arm which allows her to regain control. Shayna tags in Nia who puts Bayley over her shoulder once again but this time Sasha gets into the ring and the distraction allows Bayley to slide out the back and take Nia down with a chop block and then Bayley finally makes the tag to Sasha.  

Sasha lights Nia up with some clubbing blows to the back and then some forearms before sending her into the corner with a flying headscissors. Sasha charges at Nia in the corner but gets backdropped to the apron where she is able to hit Nia with a couple of knee strikes and then she uses the ropes to slingshot in and drive her knees into the midsection of Nia and then she hits Nia with the running double knee strike as Nia is seated in the corner. Sasha goes up top and hits Nia with a Meteora for a 2 count. Sasha tries to lock in a chinlock, but Nia gets to her feet with Sasha on her back and then she uses her power to get Sasha in a fireman’s carry position, but thankfully Sasha is able to escape out the back and land on the apron where she delivers a forearm to Nia and then kicks Shayna off the apron. Nia charges at Sasha but Sasha slides under the bottom rope (while also pulling down the middle rope) which sends Nia out to the apron, Sasha runs off the ropes (as she does Bayley makes a blind tag) and slides under the legs of Nia to get her into a powerbomb position and then Bayley runs over and hits Nia with the Stunner across the ropes which gets Nia to release her grip on the rope and allows Sasha to powerbomb her to the floor. 

Sasha and Bayley look on gleefully at what they just accomplished but Shayna comes in and tries to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch on Bayley, but Bayley is able to quickly slide out and hit Shayna with a back suplex. Bayley makes a tag to Sasha who hits Shayna with a running knee but this only keeps Shayna down for a 2 count. Sasha talks some trash to Shayna and then drags her over to the corner where she stomps a mudhole in her before Bayley tags herself back in and continues the mudhole stomping and then Sasha tags in and gets in a few more stomps in before the referee finally gets her to back off. We get another tag by the Golden Role Models who attempt to hit a double team move on Shayna but she knees Bayley in the face and then takes Sasha down to the mat with a headlock takeover. Shayna goes to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch on Bayley but Sasha stops that right quick with a backstabber for a 2 count. 

We get a bit of miscommunication from Bayley and Sasha but eventually, Sasha gets Shayna into position so that Bayley can hit her with the big elbow drop off the top rope, but this is still not enough to keep Shayna down as she gets her shoulder up at 2. Bayley and Sasha are perplexed on what they need to do in order to keep Shayna down. Bayley tags in Sasha and then drags Shayna halfway out of the ring so that Sasha can hit her with a baseball slide to the shoulder which sends Shayna crawling to the neutral corner across from her opponents, Sasha looks to hit the running double knee attack on Shayna as she is sitting on the apron and is up against the ring post but Shayna moves out of the way and Sasha’s knees crash into the ring post and this sends her to the floor as she is in serious trouble. 

Sasha slowly gets back up to the apron and is able to snap Shayna’s neck across the top rope when she reaches over to grab Sasha. Sasha tries to shake off the pain in her knee and then goes for the slingshot double knee attack that she hit successfully on Nia earlier, but this time she is caught by Shayna who slams Sasha’s knee into the turnbuckle and then hits her with a nasty looking chop block and then Shayna follows that up with a sliding kick to the knee as Sasha was trying to get to her feet with the use of the ropes. Shayna drags Sasha into the middle of the ring and goes for a stepover toehold but Sasha is able to catch her with an inside cradle for a 2 count. Baszler knocks Bayley off the apron and then repeatedly stomps on the leg of Sasha and then looks to apply an Indian deathlock, but thankfully Bayley runs in and hits Shayna with a Bayley to Belly to give Sasha enough time to recover, Sasha slowly crawls over and covers Shayna but once again only gets a 2 count. 

Sasha sees an open opportunity and locks in the Bank Statement, but Nia comes in and breaks it up. Shayna slowly crawls over and makes a tag to Nia who continues to work over the knee as she applies a stretch muffler, but Sasha still has enough in her to pull herself up and catch Nia with a sunset flip pin, but Nia kicks out. Nia puts Sasha in a fireman’s carry and then tries to climb up the turnbuckle as she is looking to hit Sasha with a Samoan drop off of the ropes, but Bayley runs over and pulls Sasha down and then they hit Shayna with a double back suplex, but as they turn around Nia comes off the top with a crossbody onto both challengers and that is enough to get the 1-2-3 and thus Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler have retained the titles.
Winner: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax via Pinfall   Match Rating: ***½ 

After the match, Sasha gets her knee looked over by the medical staff as we go to break. 

We come back to the same scene we were at before the break as the medical staff is still tending to Sasha that is until she shoves them off of her and tells them not to touch her, Bayley then tells the medics she can handle this. Bayley slowly helps Sasha move over toward the ropes so she can exit the ring. Bayley gets Sasha to where she is sitting on the apron and then out of nowhere Bayley attacks Sasha!!! Bayley throws Sasha knees first into the steps and then into the barricade multiple times before throwing her back into the ring, Bayley then concentrates her attack on the knee as she DDTs it into the mat. Bayley goes out and grabs a chair and puts Sasha’s leg in it but Sasha tries to fight back with some kicks only for Bayley to knock her back out with a kick. Bayley then places Sasha’s head in the chair and jumps off the ropes with a stomp as Sasha just officially got her neck Pillmanized. 

The medics run into the ring as Bayley walks up the ramp and is in pure glee about what she just did to her former best friend and this sends us to a commercial. 

We come back to a replay of what just happened and then cut to the back where Sasha is getting loaded into an ambulance. 

Wow Wow Wow! I absolutely loved everything involving the women on this show, from the match to the post-match attack everything about this was so damn good. If you are going to pick a final match for a team to have before they break apart I can’t think of a better one than what Bayley and Sasha had here with Nia and Shayna as everything they did just clicked on all levels. I thought this was the best performance Nia has had since she faced Rousey back in 2018. While I wasn’t that keen on the team of Shayna and Nia at first they are quickly growing on me as I like their dynamic as a team where Shayna is the one that works most of the match and wears the opponent and then Nia comes in for short periods of time where she is able to hit a few power moves before either tagging back out or finishing off the match and that is the best way to use Nia.

We knew the turn was coming as they had been teasing it for a while but I still never expected it to come this soon as I figured it would be around January before the turn happened as they want to save that match for WrestleMania, but given the brutality of how Bayley took out Sasha they still could hold the match off until WrestleMania. I personally would keep Sasha out until the Rumble and have her win so she can challenge Bayley at WrestleMania to get her revenge. I also never expected the beatdown to be as vicious as it was and definitely didn’t expect Bayley to Pillmanize Sasha but the vicious attack is going to make it all that much sweeter when Sasha returns to get her revenge on Bayley. 

Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring and immediately starts bitching at Greg Hamilton for not giving him the proper introduction of being the Intercontinental Champion, but Hamilton says that wasn’t in his notes. Zayn then wants to talk to stage manager Evan who blames it on the people in the truck so Zayn grabs Evan’s headset and talks to Marty who is in the production truck as he wants to make sure he was recognized as Intercontinental Champion on the chyron when he made his entrance, but Marty says it wasn’t in his notes either. Zayn says he wants to redo his entrance so that they can get everything correct this time, but before he can the real Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy enters the ring. Hardy says Zayn didn’t need to attack him from behind if he wanted a title shot, but Zayn corrects him and says that he is the Intercontinental Champion and Hardy should be asking him for a shot and this leads to the two of them arguing until AJ Styles comes out.

Styles wants to know how Hardy and Zayn can walk around with those titles when he is the uncrowned champion to which Zayn asks if everyone has gone crazy. Hardy says that Styles can have another shot if he has healed from the beating he gave him and this leads to Styles attacking Hardy. Zayn and Styles double team Hardy for a moment until Styles attacks Zayn and sets him up for the Styles Clash, but Hardy gets back to his feet and spins Styles around and hits him with the Twist of Fate and then goes for one on Zayn, but Zayn pushes him off into the corner and then hits Hardy with the Helluva Kick. The segment ends with Zayn standing tall. 

This was a fun segment that didn’t take much time but did a good job of covering what is happening in the Intercontinental Championship picture. I thought Zayn was great in this segment as he just wants some respect and to be recognized as the Intercontinental Champion but nobody is paying him any attention. I’m guessing we could be getting a ladder match to crown the undisputed Intercontinental Champion at Clash of Champions. 

We go to the commentary table where Cole and Graves inform us of some Breaking News which is that Jey Uso will replace Big E in the four-way match coming up next. 

Matt Riddle makes his entrance and this sends us to break.

We come back to a vignette that shows a woman from the calves down who is wearing high heels and is carrying a fur coat in a room full of smoke and some purple lightning.

I really hope this isn’t an Emmalina situation where we get two months of vignettes and then the idea ends up being scrapped before it really has a chance to go anywhere. I have seen several possibilities of who this mystery lady could be some of the names I have seen are Carmella, Vanessa Borne, Chelsea Green, and a returning Eva Marie, of those names listed I would personally love for it to be Eva as I am one of the very few members of the Eva Marie fan club because I still say that if they find the right role for her she could be a big star for them because everything about her screams star power she just shouldn’t be in the ring. I would personally rather see her in non-wrestling segments over someone like Lana or even a Natalya. 

We go to the back to Heavy Machinery where Tucker tells Otis he can’t find Morrison anywhere and Otis tells him it’s no big deal which confuses Tucker as he reminds Otis that Morrison has his Money in the Bank contract, but Otis reveals that he keeps the contract in the little lunch box he has been carrying around. We then cut over to Miz and Morrison and Miz tells Morrison that just because he stole the briefcase doesn’t mean he is Mr. Money in the Bank and then Morrison opens the briefcase to find a stapler, some shredded paper, and a sandwich.

What was the point of all of this if this was going to be the payoff, on a show that has been really good this felt like the only thing that was unnecessary as it brought nothing to the show and did nothing for any of the men involved.

We then cut to Roman Reigns who is chilling on the couch looking through his phone when Jey Uso walks up, Jey thanks Reigns for getting him into the four-way match tonight. Reigns says it’s about time Jey gets some respect as usually it’s Jimmy getting all the attention and then he wishes Jey luck. 

I really liked Reigns’ interactions with Jey during the show as it felt like he was playing the role of the Godfather as Jey somewhat came to him for his blessing and it was Reigns that got him into the four-way because he wants good things for his family because although he may be a heel now he is still all about the family. I also liked how Reigns was actually sitting down, chilling like normal people would be doing, just that small little detail made the Reigns heel character all that much better. 

King Corbin makes his way to the ring for the four-way but on his way, he gets on the mic to complain about Jey Uso being added to the match but he is cut short when Riddle meets him at the top of the ramp and attacks him. Corbin and Riddle start brawling and are soon joined by Sheamus and Jey as we have a four-way brawl as we go to commercial. 

We come back to a new edition of Firefly Funhouse. Wyatt says that everyone is probably feeling just like he is which is disappointed that once again The Fiend lost his favorite toy once again in the Universal Championship, but next week he has something that will cheer us up as there will be a brand new friend coming to the Funhouse. Wyatt waves bye as the Funhouse comes to an end for this week. 

We cut to the back where Nikki Cross is watching the monitor when Alexa runs up with her hair still in pigtails and now she has more dreadlocks added in. Alexa says she is sorry about what happened last week and asks Nikki to forgive her which Nikki does and then Alexa gives her a big hug and while all of this is happening we see that Ramblin’ Rabbit is looking on from afar.

I was beginning to think that we weren’t going to see any Alexa Bliss or Bray Wyatt storyline progression on the show and while we didn’t get much at least we know that next week it looks like Alexa will be that new friend coming to the Funhouse. I could be wrong but I took the fact that Ramblin’ Rabbit was watching Alexa to be a thing where Wyatt/The Fiend sent him there to look after Alexa which I get is kind of dumb because it’s a stupid puppet, but it’s the only explanation I could come up with to make sense of why he just popped up. I am definitely looking forward to next week as it seems like there is going to be a decent amount of time given to the progression of the Alexa and Wyatt story. 

Match #3: Matt Riddle vs King Corbin vs Jey Uso vs Sheamus (WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender Match)
Corbin looks to charge at Riddle, but Uso hits him with a superkick midway that sends Corbin out to the floor. Sheamus runs over and picks up Uso and slams him to the mat only for Riddle to run over and attempt to lock in a choke, but Sheamus throws him off only to be hit with a right hand by Uso that sends Sheamus to the outside and then Riddle tries to pick up a quick win with a schoolboy, but Uso kicks out. Riddle hits Sheamus with a knee as he tries to get back in the ring and then Uso tries for a schoolboy of his own on Riddle but Riddle quickly kicks out. Riddle goes for a German suplex on Uso but he lands on his feet and then goes to run off the ropes, but is tripped up and dragged out of the ring by Corbin who sends Uso into the barricade, back in the ring Riddle runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Sheamus. Sheamus and Corbin double team Riddle for a few minutes as they work him over with punches and kicks, Corbin and Sheamus send Riddle into the ropes but he hangs on and then backdrops Sheamus to the floor as he charges in, when Riddle turns around he runs right into a spinebuster from Corbin for a 2 count when Uso breaks up the pin. 

Corbin takes Uso down with a clothesline and then Sheamus slides back into the ring and they double team Uso like they did Riddle a few minutes earlier. Corbin charges at Uso in the corner which leads to Corbin sliding out of the ring and running right into a kick from Riddle, at the same time Uso is fighting back against Sheamus. Riddle comes in and starts taking it to Sheamus with open palm strikes which back Sheamus up into the corner. Uso hits Corbin with an enziguri and Riddle hits Sheamus with a Pele and then both babyfaces take turns hitting each man with running forearms in the corner until they are both caught and Uso is hit with Deep Six while Sheamus connects with an Irish Curse on Riddle which results in both men getting nearfalls as both babyfaces kick out. Corbin argues with the referee about the count and then eats an ax handle courtesy of Sheamus and that takes us to our final commercial break. 

We come back to Uso firing away with chops to Sheamus’ chest but is quickly cut off with a knee to the gut and then he is hit with a vertical suplex. Sheamus knocks Corbin off the apron with a running dropkick and then goes back to work on Uso (who has crawled out to the apron) as he clubs his chest with the 10 Beats of the Bodhran and then he picks Uso up in a fireman’s carry but before he can do anything he is kicked in the face by Riddle and then Riddle hits Corbin with a ripcord knee strike. Riddle hits Sheamus with more palm strikes and then a push kick which sends Sheamus into the ropes and when he comes back Riddle hits him with an exploder followed by a PK and a broton as Riddle is on fire. Riddle hits Sheamus with a bridging German suplex and then he locks Sheamus in a triangle choke, while Riddle has Sheamus in the hold he delivers several overhead elbows but this isn’t enough to keep Sheamus down as he uses his power to hit Riddle with a deadlift powerbomb which gets a 2 count.

Sheamus locks Riddle in the cloverleaf until Uso breaks it up with a superkick to Sheamus. Corbin tries to get a quick roll-up win on Uso but he kicks out so Corbin goes for the chokeslam backbreaker but Uso escapes that and kicks Corbin in the gut and then hits him with a right hand which sends Corbin down in the corner so Uso hits him with a running hip attack. It then becomes a superkick party for Uso as he hits it on all three of his opponents. Uso looks to dive out of the ring onto Corbin but Corbin sees it coming and stops Uso in his tracks with a forearm. Sheamus and Riddle send Corbin over the barricade and then Uso dives out of the ring onto the both of them. Corbin tries to grab Uso from behind but gets a back elbow for his troubles and then Uso slams Corbin’s head into the barricade. Uso tries to jump over the barricade onto Corbin, but Corbin catches him by the throat and tosses Uso behind one of the rows of LED screens. 

Corbin throws Riddle back into the ring and looks to hit the End of Days, but Riddle flips through it and then Corbin is hit with a Brogue Kick out of nowhere. Riddle hits Sheamus with the Bro 2 Sleep to get him out of the match and then he goes up top where he hits Corbin with the Floating Bro, but as soon as he lands it Uso comes out of nowhere with a top rope splash and this is enough to pick up a surprising win.
Winner: Jey Uso via Pinfall   Match Rating: ***

After the match, Jey is interviewed about his win and he welcomes Reigns to the Uso Penitentiary and that closes out this week’s episode of SmackDown. 

I thought this was a really good match and although Jey Uso picked up the win I thought Riddle was the best guy in the match. I like that they are taking a chance and are putting a new name into the Universal Title picture that has never been there before and a guy who is known for being a tag worker nonetheless. I look forward to seeing what happens during this feud as it’s fresh and the fact that Uso and Reigns are cousins makes this all the more interesting as there are a lot of ways this could go and I have no doubt that Heyman’s promos for this feud are going to be on fire because he himself has a history with that Samoan family going way back to his days in WCW as Paul E Dangerously. After the debacle that was the Fiend vs Strowman feud, it’s nice to have a feud where you are looking forward to seeing what happens next. 

I thought this was one of the best episodes of SmackDown I have had the pleasure of reviewing. I thought everything involving Sasha and Bayley was fantastic and if it were up to me I would’ve had the tag title match and the breakup of the Golden Role Models go on last, but I understand that they wanted to make sure the focus was on Jey Uso when the show came to an end because they plan to really play up the fact that the two cousins are facing each other. I am really looking forward to next week’s show to see where things go with Reigns and Uso, Alexa and Wyatt, Bayley’s explanation for turning on Sasha, and to see if we get any new vignettes of the mystery lady.

That’s it for me this week but I’ll be back next week for more action from the blue brand.