SmackDown Report for 12/25/20

SmackDown on Fox Episode #65 – Christmas Day Episode
SmackDown Episode # 1,114
Orlando, FL – The Thunderdome (Tropicana Field)
12/25/20 – Taped 12/22/20

The show opens with us going into the Thunderdome and after some pyro, we immediately go into the first match of the night, and to say things are starting out with a bang would be an understatement. 

Match #1: Roman Reigns © w/ Paul Heyman vs Kevin Owens (WWE Universal Championship – Steel Cage Match)
The match starts out hot with both men punching away at the other until Reigns rocks KO with an uppercut and a  headbutt which allows him to gain control as he works KO over and then takes him down with a big boot. Reigns sends KO into the cage a couple of times and then hits him with a Samoan drop for a 2 count. Reigns looks to make short work of KO as he sets up for the Superman Punch, but KO blocks it and drops Reigns with a DDT out of desperation. KO slowly gets back to his feet and then takes it to Reigns with punches and forearms before sending him into the cage, Reigns reverses a whip into the ropes but ducks his head too early which results in a kick from KO but Reigns comes back with a big uppercut only for KO to rebound off the second rope and take Reigns down with a clothesline and then he follows up with a senton.

KO tries to shake off the damage that Reigns dealt to him early in the match and then he charges at Reigns in the corner, Reigns tries to get a boot up but KO catches it and then he beats Reigns down in the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. KO hits the cannonball in the corner and goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. KO picks up Reigns and sends him into the ropes where he looks to hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Reigns counters it with a leg drop across the chest for a 2 count. Reigns sets KO up on the top rope and looks to join him, but KO fights back and knocks Reigns back down to the mat which allows him to hit Reigns with a frog splash for yet another 2 count and this sends us to a commercial break. 

We come back to both men trading strikes until Reigns catches the leg of KO and hits him with a sit-out powerbomb for a 2 count. Reigns hits KO with the repeated short-range clotheslines in the corner and then he looks to come off the ropes and hit KO with something but KO blocks whatever he was going for and then KO falls victim to the exact same thing, Reigns runs off the ropes once again and this time KO is able to connect with the Pop-Up Powerbomb for a very close 2 count. KO picks up Reigns but Reigns drives him into the corner where he drives his shoulder into the midsection of KO and then he hits him with a big right hand. Reigns sits KO up on the top rope once again and they jockey for position up top until KO hits Reigns with an avalanche fisherman buster off the ropes, but even that is not enough to keep the “Tribal Chief” down as Reigns is still able to kick out at 2. 

KO gets to his feet first and waits for Reigns to get up and when he does KO goes for the Stunner, but Reigns pushes him off and hits KO with the Superman Punch for a 2 count. Reigns talks some trash to KO and then sends him into the cage a couple of times before furiously beating him down with punches. KO is in between the cage and the ropes as Reigns locks in a guillotine choke in between the top and middle rope, but KO smartly grabs the back of Reigns’ neck which causes Reigns to be choked out by the top rope. Reigns eventually gets weak enough to where he releases the choke but KO doubles down on his choke as he uses both of his hands to pull Reign’s throat down across the top rope. Both men are down and out on the mat and are slow to get to their feet, but when they do Reigns goes for a Spear, but KO catches him with a kick and then hits him with the Stunner. KO goes for the cover but Reigns still has some fight in him as he kicks out at the very last second and that sends us to our next commercial break. 

We come back to KO trying to climb up the cage but Reigns is doing his best to stop him as he climbs up top to join him and both men trade strikes trying to knock the other off. KO is able to knock Reigns back to the mat momentarily, but just when it looks like KO may be able to climb out Reigns springs to his feet and grabs KO as he brings him down and we get another strike exchange as both men are standing on the top rope. KO knocks Reigns back down to the mat with a superkick and then he goes for the Swanton but Reigns gets his knees up and then he hits KO with a Spear but KO kicks out once again. 

Reigns is perplexed at what he has to do to keep KO down as we see that KO has started to bleed a little bit from his forehead. Reigns calls for the cage door to be opened but as he approaches the door KO grabs his ankle to prevent him from leaving and this leads to Reigns talking some trash to KO but as he does this the resourceful KO grabs the cage door and hits Reigns with it and then he repeatedly smashes Reigns’ head into the cage until Reigns body goes limp and he falls back into the ring. KO goes over to the door looking to escape but Jey Uso runs over and tries to slam the door into KO’s head but he sees it coming and backs up and then he hits Uso with the door. KO gets out of the ring and looks to hit the floor, but Reigns springs up out of desperation and grabs KO and pulls him back into the ring. 

KO hits Reigns with a superkick and then goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Reigns counters it with a Superman Punch. Reigns goes for a Spear but KO moves out of the way causing Reigns to bounce off the cage and then KO hits him with a Stunner. KO slowly crawls toward the door but makes a mistake when he uses the ropes to help balance himself as Uso reaches through the cage and grabs KO’s wrist and handcuffs him to the cage. KO tries his best to break the cuffs and even tries to see if he can escape while handcuffed and while he is able to get his lower half out of the cage his legs are not long enough to reach the floor. Reigns looks up and sees what Uso has done and a big smile comes across his face as he gets to his feet and slowly walks out of the cage as he taunts KO while KO is trash-talking him and on his own time Reigns walks down the steps and puts both feet on the floor to win the match.
Winner: Roman Reigns via Escaping the Cage    Match Rating: ****

When this match was announced earlier in the week I wasn’t expecting much as I felt that this was just an epilogue to the Reigns and KO feud and the fact that they put it in the cage was just a way to try and draw some extra viewers who may decide to skip the show due to it being Christmas, but I was very very wrong. I can’t think of a recent time in WWE where two guys wrestled each other in two four-star (or higher rated) matches in less than a week apart but that is exactly what Roman Reigns and KO did on the week of Christmas in the year 2020. This could’ve been a paint by numbers match like a lot of matches usually are on the Christmas episodes that WWE puts on but Reigns and KO weren’t about to let that happen as they put on one hell of a match and their fantastic chemistry with each other continues to shine. 

It was nice to see KO break out the top rope fisherman buster as I don’t think we have seen him bust that out in quite a while. I liked how Uso cuffed KO in exactly the right spot where he was close enough to where his lower body could get out of the cage but yet was too far away so that his feet could touch the ground, that was a nice little touch to add something different to the cuffed to the cage spot that we have seen a hundred times before. I can’t say enough about how good this match was and how it fully exceeded any expectations that I had going into it. 

We go to a video package highlighting what happened last week during the Sami Awards when Big E attacked Zayn. 

We then see the new Women’s Tag Team Champions walking in the back as they will be making an appearance after the break. 

The Women’s Tag Champs make their way to the ring and Charlotte said Christmas has come early (I guess she forgot they were taping this to air on Christmas night) because she and Asuka are back on SmackDown and then Asuka speaks in Japanese before they are interrupted by Bayley. Bayley says that the champions are impressive but even more impressive was her year and although everyone else had a shitty 2020 it was great to her as she was the longest-reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion in history and then she is interrupted by Sasha Banks who comes out and says that the person holding the title now is what is impressive. Bianca Belair and Carmella come out and gloat about themselves before Sasha shoves Carmella and this sends us to commercial. 

Match #2: Charlotte Flair & Asuka © vs Bayley & Carmella vs Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships)
Bayley and Charlotte lockup, Charlotte slams Bayley to the mat by her hair. Bayley gets to her feet and steps on the toes of Charlotte and then lands some rapid-fire punches on Charlotte. Charlotte makes a come back with a chop and then she drags Bayley over to the corner and tags in Asuka. Bayley and Asuka work Bayley over with a combo of chops and kicks to the midsection and then Asuka looks to send Bayley into the ropes, but Bayley hooks the top rope to block the whip attempt and nails Asuka with a forearm. 

Bayley brings Asuka over to the corner and makes a tag to Carmella but Asuka shoves her away so Carmella takes her time as she fixes her gear, Carmella ducks a clothesline from Asuka and runs over to knock Sasha off the apron. Asuka makes Carmella pay for taking her attention off of her as she kicks Carmella in the back of the leg and then she sends her into the ropes where she meets her with a running hip attack. Asuka charges at Carmella in the corner but Carmella gets her boot up and then she locks Asuka in a hanging figure four over the ropes. Asuka is dazed as she lands a spin kick to Carmella’s midsection and then she backs into the corner which allows Sasha to tag herself in.

Sasha jumps on top of Carmella with mounted punches and then she sends her into the corner where she hits a running knee attack and then she tags in Bianca who drives her shoulder into the midsection of Carmella. Bianca goes for a slam, but Carmella slides out the back and runs over to make a tag to Charlotte and as Charlotte enters the ring we see the Riott Squad watching on from backstage. Charlotte grabs a side headlock but is shot off into the ropes and this leads to both women running into each other with a shoulder block and neither woman gives an inch. 

Charlotte grabs a side headlock and is sent into the ropes once again and we get another drop-down by Bianca which Charlotte answers by doing a cartwheel and a back handspring and then she mocks Bianca by spanking her butt and telling Bianca to kiss her ass. Both women go in for a lockup but Charlotte ducks under and grabs the arm which she uses to send Bianca into the corner, but Bianca jumps up and over Charlotte and then back handsprings into the center of the ring where she shows Charlotte how it’s done as she tells Charlotte to kiss her ass and Charlotte looks surprised at what just happened. Charlotte charges out of the corner with a big boot, but Bianca ducks it and then we get stereo dropkicks and stereo kip ups. Charlotte looks to hit the fallaway slam but Bianca floats over and sends Charlotte into the middle turnbuckle, Bianca charges in but Charlotte dodges and Bianca eats the turnbuckle as well. 

Charlotte crawls over and makes a tag to Asuka while Bayley tags herself in when Bianca gets too close to her corner, which leads to a brawl on the outside between the champions and BayMella. Charlotte chops Carmella around the ringside area and then gets taken down by a Meteora off the apron by Sasha and right after that Carmella sends Sasha into the barricade. Asuka hits Bianca with a running hip attack on the outside and then Asuka and Bayley fight their way back into the ring where Asuka knocks Carmella off the apron only to turn around into a Bayley to Belly which gets a 2 count and this sends us to a commercial. 

We come back to Bayley choking Asuka over the middle rope and then she sends her into the corner but Asuka runs up the rope and turns around to hit Bayley with a missile dropkick off the middle rope for a 2 count. Bayley drags Asuka over to the corner and Carmella tags in and stomps a mudhole into Asuka in the corner and then she hits her with the bronco buster for a 2 count. We get quick tags by BayMella as they work Asuka over in the corner and then Bayley tries to knock Charlotte off the apron, but Charlotte sees it coming and then she slides in the ring but the referee holds her back and this allows BayMella to continue their double team attack on Asuka in the corner. 

Asuka keeps trying to make a comeback but BayMella keeps cutting her off and Bayley grounds her with a rear chinlock, Asuka eventually gets to her feet and fights her way out of the hold, and then she nails Bayley with the pop-up knee strike and this allows Asuka to make the tag, however, Charlotte had been knocked off the apron by Carmella moments earlier so Asuka makes the tag to Bianca. Bianca comes in on fire as she takes Bayley down with several shoulder blocks and then she knocks Carmella off the apron before hitting Bayley with a dropkick which she follows with a kip-up and a clap back. Bianca drives her shoulder into Bayley in the corner and then she pulls her into the center of the ring where she hits her with the delayed vertical suplex which gets a 2 count as Carmella breaks up the pin.

Sasha comes in and catches the leg of Carmella and nails her with a knee to the face. Charlotte and Sasha then face off as Sasha ducks a clothesline and tries for a crossbody but Charlotte catches her and hits the fallaway slam. Bianca catches Charlotte off a kip-up and hits her with a double chicken wing slam. Bayley rolls Bianca up with a schoolgirl for a 2 count and then Bianca hits her with a spinebuster for a 2 count. Bianca tags in Sasha who goes up top and hits Bayley with the Frog Splash which is enough to get the 1-2-3.
Bayley and Carmella are eliminated

Charlotte and Sasha square off once again as Sasha ducks a clothesline and then catches Charlotte in a tilt-a-whirl Bank Statement, but Charlotte powers herself up to her feet in order to escape the hold and then goes for a kick but Sasha catches her leg and goes for a kick of her own but Charlotte catches her leg and takes her down where she tries to lock in the Figure Eight but Sasha catches her with a rollup for a 2 count. Sasha lands a kick to Charlotte’s head and then runs off the ropes, but Charlotte catches her with a running big boot. Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight, Sasha reaches back in Bianca’s direction but isn’t able to reach her to make a tag so Bianca uses her hair as a lifeline as she extends her hair into the ring for Sasha to grab onto and then she pulls her toward the corner so that Sasha can tag her in. 

Bianca hits Charlotte with a handspring moonsault while she still has the Figure Eight locked in which gets a 2 count. Bianca goes up top but Charlotte knocks her back down to the mat when she hits her with a big boot. Charlotte goes over to grab Bianca but gets rolled up in a small package for a 2 count. Charlotte takes Bianca down with a leg pick and looks to lock her in the Figure Eight but Sasha hits her with a Meteora to prevent that from happening. Charlotte makes a tag to Asuka who knocks Sasha off the apron with a running hip attack and Sasha falls into the arms of Carmella’s sommelier who is still at ringside. Bayley runs up on the apron to distract Bianca which allows Asuka to roll her up in an O’Connor roll for a 2 count. 

Asuka hits a series of kicks to the chest of Bianca, but when she goes for the big roundhouse Bianca catches her leg and deadlifts her for a sit-out powerbomb for another 2 count. Bianca looks to make a tag but Sasha is still laid out at ringside so she goes for a suplex on Asuka, but Asuka blocks it and then backs up so that Charlotte can make a blind tag. Asuka hits Bianca with a lungblower and Charlotte hits the Natural Selection and that is enough to keep the EST of WWE down for the 3 count.
Winners: Charlotte Flair & Asuka via Pinfall    Match Rating: ***½  

After the match, Charlotte and Asuka celebrate their hard-fought win in the ring while on the outside Sasha is staring down Bayley and Carmella for costing her the match. 

We are two for two when it comes to really good matches on this episode of SmackDown as this match really delivered, but that is to be expected given the six women who were in it. I know that everyone including myself wants to see Sasha vs Bianca at WrestleMania, but after watching their exchange during this match I want to see Bianca work a program with Charlotte as the few minutes we got to see of them going against each other wasn’t anywhere near enough time. I liked the spot where Bianca used her hair to pull Sasha closer to her in order to make the tag as that was creative. Sometimes when you have matches with this many people involved they can become a bit of a cluster but I thought all six women did a really good job of preventing that from happening and that is why they are six of the best women in the company. 

Now that I have gushed about how much I liked the match I now have to complain because what kind of internet wrestling fan would I be if I didn’t complain. I can’t believe that we have the women’s tag titles defended on SmackDown for the first time in three months and the two teams who are challenging for the titles are makeshift teams that were put together just for this match, while an established team like the Riott Squad is in the back watching the match while standing at an awkward angle. I get that WWE wanted to have all of their big names in the SmackDown’s women division featured on their Christmas show, but they could’ve at least made it a four-way and added the Riott Squad to the match as they have been deserving of a title shot for quite a while especially since they have been picking up wins recently. Hopefully, they are holding that Riott Squad title win off until WrestleMania because they are long past due when it comes to winning those titles as they should’ve won them way back when they were a trio with Sarah Logan. Liv and Ruby are both highly underrated as both a team and as individuals. 

We cut to the back where the Street Profits hype up the rest of the show until they hear Sami Zayn berating some crew member so they walk over to get a closer look but the crew member just walks off while Zayn continues to fuss at her. Zayn turns his attention to the Street Profits as he is not in the mood for their crap because he has a title match coming up later, but when the Street Profits let him know they got him a gift he changes his tune and apologizes for how he was acting towards them. The Street Profits give Zayn his present which is a t-shirt that says “I Was Intercontinental Champion” and this doesn’t sit well with the champ as he goes back to ranting and raving before storming off. 

Daniel Bryan comes out for his match which is coming up next, but gets jumped from behind by his opponent which is Jey Uso, Uso throws Bryan into the presents on the stage area and then drags him back down the ramp before the referees and agents come in to pull him off Bryan and this sends us to a commercial break. 

We come back to the referee and Pat Buck still checking on Bryan at ringside and he eventually tells them he is fine and wants to have his match with Uso. Bryan slides back in the ring and the bell rings for our third match of the night.

Match #3: Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso
Jey Uso goes right at Bryan as he beats him down and then puts the boots to him. Uso throws Bryan out of the ring and hits him with a tope suicida and then he sends Bryan into the steps. Uso slides in the ring to break the count and then he sends Bryan into the steps for a second time before rolling Bryan back into the ring. Uso hits a couple of chops before Bryan fires back with some chops of his own and then he backflips off the top when he is sent into the corner, but when he runs off the ropes he gets hit with a Samoan drop for a 2 count. 

Uso slams Bryan to the mat and runs off the ropes looking for a falling headbutt, but Bryan is able to move out of the way. Bryan gets to his feet and charges at Uso in the corner as he looks to hit the corner dropkick, but Uso moves out of the way which causes Bryan to bounce off the top turnbuckle and land in the corner where Uso hits him with the running hip attack. Bryan uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet and then he reverses a whip by Uso only to get kicked when he ducks his head too early. Uso charges at Bryan but gets backdropped to the floor and Bryan follows that up with another tope suicida, but Uso moves out of the way and Bryan crashes into the announce table and it looks like his arm took most of the damage.

Bryan rolls Uso back in the ring and then goes up top but Uso crotches him and then goes up to join him where he looks to be trying for a superplex, but Bryan slips out and then he crotches Uso on the turnbuckle. Bryan goes up and hits Uso with a back suplex off the top and that sends us to our next commercial break. 

We come back to Bryan in control as he hits Uso with a running dropkick in the corner and then he goes to work on the leg as he repeatedly kicks away at it and then he connects with a running dropkick to the leg. Bryan sits Uso up on the top and hits him with a top rope hurricanrana for a very close 2 count. Bryan starts to really fire up as he hits Uso with repeated kicks to the chest and the back and then connects dead center on the roundhouse kick to the head. Bryan calls for the running knee but when he charges in he is hit with a big superkick from Uso and that is followed up by a basement dropkick, Uso goes up top and connects with the Uso Splash, but is unable to immediately make the cover due to the bad leg and that allows Bryan time to recover enough to kick out at the count of 2. 

Uso slowly pulls himself to his feet and goes back up top where he looks to hit another Uso Splash, but this time Bryan is ready for him as he gets his knees up and then he quickly transitions into the Yes Lock, but Uso is able to break the hold by pulling Bryan’s fingers apart and thus breaking his grip. Bryan doesn’t let that stop him as he transitions into a single crab on the injured leg of Uso, but he is able to get to the ropes which forces Bryan to break the hold. Bryan grabs the ankle of Uso in order to keep control of the leg, but Uso kicks him away and then he reigns down with vicious forearms but Bryan comes back with some of his own and this leads to both men trading strikes on the mat which Uso gets the better of. Uso looks to hit Bryan with the Superkick, but Bryan ducks under it and hits Uso with the Busaiku Knee to pick up the win.
Winner: Daniel Bryan via Pinfall    Match Rating: ***¼ 

Guess what folks, we have yet another banger of a match to keep the streak alive on this show. I liked the viciousness that Uso showed in this match as it shows that Reigns’ guidance has influenced him a lot as he was just as brutal to Bryan in this match as Reigns was to KO earlier in the night. I really hope this Uso losing streak leads to Reigns making him prove himself by having Uso enter the Rumble match at #1 as that would be a fun story to tell throughout the Rumble match. I don’t have much else to say about this match other than it was really good and worth taking time out of your day to watch. 

We go to the back and see Big E getting ready for his big Intercontinental Championship match later tonight and that sends us to a commercial break. 

We come back to an interview with Daniel Bryan where he is asked what is next for him in his career. Bryan says he is always looking for the next thing he can accomplish and while he has done a lot in the WWE he has never won the Royal Rumble, so that is the next mountain he is going to climb as he is officially entering the 2021 Royal Rumble match. Sami Zayn walks up and is still complaining about having to defend his title in a lumberjack match tonight and he blames Bryan for him having to be in the match since Bryan kept talking about how the Intercontinental Championship needs to be defended more often and then he accuses Bryan of being the one that convinced management to make the match. Zayn says karma will come to Bryan and cause him to fail at the Royal Rumble and Zayn says he will be laughing when it happens. Zayn walks off and Bryan makes a joke about Zayn being unhappy because Santa didn’t get him a PS5. 

We get the entrances of the lumberjacks as well as Big E before we go to commercial. 

We come back to Zayn making his entrance and then we go to our main event of the night. 

Match #4: Sami Zayn © vs Big E (WWE Intercontinental Championship – Lumberjack Match)
We get a lockup and both men aggressively jockey for position which Big E gets the best of as he pushes Zayn into the corner. They lockup for a second time and Zayn goes for a rear waistlock but Big E breaks his grip and throws him over his shoulder, moments later Zayn kicks Big E and applies a side headlock only to be shot into the ropes which leads to a dropdown and leapfrog spot and Big E takes Zayn down with a back elbow. Big E charges at Zayn but gets hit with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle and then Zayn chokes Big E on the mat which forces Big E to roll out of the ring where he is mauled by the heel lumberjacks before being sent back into the ring. Zayn hits Big E with some punches and then throws him right back out of the ring for the lumberjacks to attack.

Big E gets sent back into the ring and Zayn looks to hit him with a suplex, but Big E counters into a schoolboy for a 2 count, and when Zayn kicks out Big E smoothly transitions into a stretch muffler until Zayn is able to get to the ropes. Zayn rolls out of the ring but none of the babyface lumberjacks attack him, instead, they allow Big E to reach out and grab Zayn to pull him back up on the apron but Zayn drops Big E throat-first across the top rope. Big E blocks himself from being sent face-first into the top turnbuckle and then he nails Zayn with a clothesline on the apron, Big E puts the boots to Zayn and then looks to hit the apron splash but Zayn is able to roll out of the way and Big E crashes on the apron and falls to the floor. The heels attack Big E and he tries to fight back but there are too many and then Zayn takes out everyone with a tope con hilo to the floor and this sends us to a commercial break. 

We come back to Zayn in control as he chokes Big E across the middle rope and then he trash talks Big E while he hits him with some jabs. Zayn runs off the ropes and gets caught with two belly to belly suplexes but when Big E goes for the third belly to belly Zayn blocks it and then he catches Big E with a boot to the face when Big E charges toward him in the corner, Big E staggers into a corner and when Zayn charges toward him he catches him with the uranage out of the corner for a 2 count. Big E sets up for the Big Ending only for Zayn to slip out the back and roll out the ring, but the babyface lumberjacks throw Zayn back into the ring. Zayn gets an eye poke in on Big E and then rolls him up in a schoolboy for a 2 count. 

Zayn boots Big E in the face and then he charges at Big E, but Big E passes him over the top rope and Zayn lands on the apron where Big E goes for the suicide spear but Zayn stops him with a knee to the head. Zayn goes up top but is cut off by Big E and then they jockey for position until Zayn starts clubbing away at the back and then he hits Big E with a sunset flip powerbomb off the top which gets a 2 count. Zayn measures Big E for the Helluva Kick but Big E moves out of the way and Zayn gets his leg caught up in the top rope and then he falls out to the apron and this gives Big E the opening to hit the suicide spear. 

The heel lumberjacks attack Big E and then throw him back in the ring and this leads to the lumberjacks brawling with each other. Zayn sees an opportunity to escape as the lumberjacks are brawling around ringside but as he runs up the ramp he is chased down and tackled by Apollo Crews and then the babyface lumberjacks carry him back to the ring. Zayn walks right into the side belly to belly suplex he escaped from earlier and is then hit with the big splash, Big E hits Zayn with the Big Ending to pick up the win and become a 2x Intercontinental Champion.
Winner: Big E via Pinfall   Match Rating: ***

After the match, Big E celebrates becoming a 2x Intercontinental Champion with the babyface lumberjacks as they lift him on their shoulders while confetti pours down from the sky. 

While this is the weakest match on the show it is still a good match or at least as good as a lumberjack match can be (not counting the Rollins vs Ambrose match from SummerSlam 2014 as that was an exception because that was a really great lumberjack match). For some reason SmackDown decided to borrow a few guys from Raw to serve as lumberjacks, I’m not sure they were needed as there would’ve been enough lumberjacks with just the SmackDown guys. I don’t know if this was supposed to be part of the story but I liked that the last three moves Big E hit on Zayn were the three moves that Zayn blocked, countered, or moved out of the way from earlier in the match. 

While I am happy that Big E won the title I am also bummed because it doesn’t feel like that Rumble win we are all hoping for is going to happen next year as it doesn’t seem like they want to push Big E above midcard right now which is a shame as he is so talented and a WrestleMania program against Reigns would straight fire as they can both bring it in the ring and even more importantly they can bring it on the mic. 

To say that this episode of SmackDown exceeded my expectations would be a huge understatement as this was hands down the best Christmas episode WWE has ever put on and is also one of the best episodes of WWE TV this entire year as every match on the card was rated *** or higher and that is rare to see as there is usually at least one dud on the show, but there was no such thing on this show as every single match delivered. If every episode of WWE TV was as good as this one it would be so much easier to watch their product. 

That’s all for this week but I will be back next week for the first episode of SmackDown in 2021 where it was announced that new father Seth Rollins will be making his long-awaited return after a one-month absence, so that is something to look forward to…or not.