SmackDown Report for 10/23/20

SmackDown on Fox Episode #56 (Aired on FS1)
SmackDown Episode # 1,105
Orlando, FL – The Thunderdome (Amway Center)

There is no intro video this week as we go straight to the announcers hyping up tonight’s show and what we can expect to see. We then go to the ring as it’s time for another episode of The Kevin Owens Show.

Kevin Owens welcomes us to the show and says that he is happy to be on SmackDown and then introduces his guest for tonight which is Daniel Bryan. KO thanks Bryan for agreeing to be on the show and then he says he was honored to be one of the names that Bryan mentioned last week when he was talking about people he would like to face because KO would like the same thing. KO then talks about how they have beat the hell out of each other in the past and Bryan says that they definitely pushed each other to be better and he would like to see that same attitude from everyone on SmackDown. KO segues into asking Bryan to elaborate on exactly what he thinks the future of SmackDown should look like, Bryan talks about the incredible roster that SmackDown has and how he wants to see the best of the best showcased every week and then talks about how guys like Jey Uso and Big E have already stepped up their game and he is waiting to see who else is willing to step up their game. Bryan thinks that one thing that could make SmackDown a lot better would be if there was a title defended every week, but he isn’t just talking about any championship he is talking about the Intercontinental Championship. 

KO likes Bryan’s idea but wants to bring up another championship and that is the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, KO says that although he has done a lot in his career he has never held the tag team titles, Bryan suggests that maybe it’s because he has turned on a lot of people but KO ignores the comment and moves on to suggesting that he and Bryan should become a team, in fact, he already has a name for their team which is Team Hell KO only for Bryan to point out that would only work if he was teaming with Kane and KO says they would be better than Team Hell No. 

We then get Roode and Ziggler coming out and after they heard Bryan talking about the fresh new talent they knew he was talking about them. Roode says KO should’ve invited them on his show because they are SmackDown’s hottest new acquisitions. The team of Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, as well as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits, come out and each gets a promo and then Bryan wants to test KO’s theories about them being a team, this leads to a brawl between the four teams and sets up for our first match of the night which will happen after the break. 

I really liked this episode of the KO show as the interaction between KO and Bryan was really good as they are both naturals on the mic and when they talk it doesn’t feel scripted. I like how Bryan and others continue to hype up the roster that SmackDown has as it makes feel like you have to watch this show in order to see all of this high-quality talent. I like the idea of having the Intercontinental Championship defend every week, but I don’t think that will happen especially with a champion like Sami Zayn who’s character is all about ducking challengers. 

While a team of KO and Bryan would be great and would help boost that SmackDown tag division I really don’t see it happening because something makes me feel like we could see KO going back heel as there were little glimpses of heelishnes that I picked up on during this segment. If KO turns heel I wouldn’t doubt that he goes back to teaming up with Zayn and that is why I didn’t want them to end up on the same brand because I knew it would be too tempting not to put them back together, I would rather see them each do their own thing as we have seen everything they can do teaming with or facing off against each other. The segment went downhill once all the teams started to be paraded out as that is just an overdone trope that WWE does when they have no other creative ways to set up a match. 

Match #1: Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, & Street Profits vs Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler, & Bobby Roode
We come back from commercial and the match has already started as Nakamura has KO down in the corner and is giving him some good vibrations only for KO to grab the leg and rise to his feet, he hits Nakamura and knocks the heels off the apron. Nakamura tries to make a comeback but Owens hits him with a kick to the chest and then he hits Nakamura with an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline before tagging in Angelo Dawkins. Nakamura stomps on Dawkins’ foot and starts hitting him with strikes and then tags in Cesaro and they take Dawkins down with a double big boot. Roode tags in and he works Dawkins over in the corner before missing with an elbow drop which allows Dawkins to tag in Montez Ford. Dawkins takes Roode down with a shoulder block and then he backflips Ford onto Roode for a 2 count. 

Roode comes back with a knee to the gut and then tries for a suplex but Ford lands on his feet and grabs a headlock only for Roode to back him up into the ropes which allows Ziggler to make a blind tag and hit Ford with a dropkick as Ford comes off the ropes. Ziggler sets Ford up against the ropes and starts raking his eyes and then when he distracts the referee Nakamura gets a cheap shot in. We get a couple more quick tags from the heels as they work over Ford in their corner. Ford finally makes a comeback as he fights his way out of the heel corner and hits Cesaro with an enziguri and then makes the hot tag to Daniel Bryan. 

Bryan levels Cesaro with several uppercuts and then he pulls down the top rope sending Cesaro out to the floor and Bryan doesn’t let him breathe as he takes him down with a tope suicida. Bryan rolls Cesaro back into the ring and then goes up top where he tries for a crossbody but Cesaro catches him and tries to power him up but Bryan slips out and shoves Cesaro into the corner where he hits with a running dropkick, Cesaro reverses a whip and sends Bryan into the corner but Bryan backflips off the top turnbuckle and when he lands it looks like he may have tweaked his knee. Cesaro levels Bryan with an uppercut that sends him to the floor and then Cesaro goes to work on Bryan’s leg on the outside before sliding back in to break the count and that takes us to a commercial break. 

We come back and Cesaro has Bryan grounded working on the leg, Bryan tries to create some separation as he is able to kick Cesaro away but Cesaro tags in Roode who cuts Bryan off before he can make a tag. Roode hits Bryan with a shinbreaker and then jumps on his leg as it is propped up on the rope and then he tags in Ziggler who continues the work on the leg. Bryan hits Ziggler with an uppercut only for Ziggler to chop block the knee and make a tag to Cesaro, Cesaro locks Ziggler in a half crab and then he swings Bryan with the one leg. Ziggler tags back in and goes for a dropkick but Bryan catches him and catapults him into the corner and it looks like Bryan may have a chance to make a tag but before he can Ziggler tags in Roode who cuts Bryan off once again. Roode beats down Bryan in the corner and then sets him up top where he looks to hit a superplex but Bryan fights back and headbutts Roode down to the mat and then Bryan comes off the top with the missile dropkick and this allows him to finally make the hot tag to Angelo Dawkins while Roode makes a tag to Nakamura on the other end. 

Dawkins hits Nakamura with a couple of clotheslines and spinning back elbow and then he hits Cesaro with a flapjack and Ziggler with a dropkick and then he hits Nakamura with the spinning splash in the corner and a one-handed bulldog which gets a 2 count. Nakamura comes back with a spinning wheel kick and a backstabber which gets a 2 count. Nakamura tags in Cesaro who puts Dawkins in the gutwrench suplex and holds him while Nakamura comes off the middle rope with a knee and then Cesaro hits him with a gutwrench powerbomb which gets a 2 count when KO breaks the pin. 

Kevin Owens throws Nakamura out of the ring and then he hits Roode with a Stunner only to turn around into a big DDT from Ziggler. Dawkins clotheslines Ziggler out of the ring and Cesaro uses this to try and score a quick pinfall with a schoolboy but the referee stops the count when he sees Cesaro’s feet on the ropes. Dawkins moves out of the way of a charging Cesaro and he runs into the corner and then Dawkins hits him with the spinebuster (on the outside Bryan takes Nakamura down with a diving knee off the apron and KO takes down Ziggler and Roode with a running senton off the apron) Ford is tagged in and he goes up top and hits Cesaro with the big frog splash to pick up the win for his team.
Winners: Street Profits, Daniel Bryan, & Kevin Owens    Match Rating: ***½  

This was a really good match with 8 very talented performers, yes I am including Roode & Ziggler in that even though I am so tired of seeing them on my TV. After SmackDown went off the air there was a live edition of Talking Smack on FS1 and on that show Bryan stated that this is his last full time run in WWE as he says it’s time for the stars of the future to step up, if this is indeed true then I really hope we get a series of matches between Bryan and Cesaro as those two work so well together and I would love to see them tear the house down in a 10-15 minute match on PPV. 

It’s finally time for the court hearing between Otis and The Miz. The WWE has gone all out for this as we have an actual room made to look like a courtroom and we are introduced to the honorable judge John Layfield and he is joined by his bailiff Ron Simmons. These segments which we will get throughout the night are titled Law & Otis and we have music from The People’s Court, so someone got their law shows mixed up.  

Judge Layfield allows The Miz’s lawyer to go first in the opening statements, but The Miz immediately cuts her off and starts talking about why Otis doesn’t deserve to have the Money in the Bank briefcase, and then Otis makes his opening statement where he says he deserves to have the Money in the Bank briefcase because he won the match. The Miz’s lawyer says that Otis has a good point and that is enough cause for The Miz to fire her and that is how the first skit comes to an end. 

I will give my thoughts on all of the Law & Otis segments later on in the review. 

We get another Bianca Belair video and then she makes her entrance as we go to another commercial. 

We come back to the babyfaces celebrating their big win and Bryan wants the Street Profits to fist him which causes Kevin Owens to almost choke on the water he is drinking. KO and the Street Profits walk off and Sami Zayn walks up and he wants to stop the whole Zayn defending his title every week talk that Bryan was discussing earlier because he is the champion and thus he decides when to defend his title, and furthermore he defeated Bryan for the title at WrestleMania. Zayn tells Bryan that if he has any more visions that involve the Intercontinental Championship he should keep them to himself because as long as he is the champion he is going to do things his way. 

While I like the Intercontinental Championship being put in the spotlight I do wish there was a different story happening here because this is the same story that Bryan did with AJ Styles a few months ago where he wants the heel champion to defend the title but the champion refuses, could they not have come up with something a little more original. 

We then go to the ring for our second match of the night. 

Match #2: Bianca Belair vs Zelina Vega
They lock up and Belair uses her power to push Zelina into the corner and Zelina climbs up the turnbuckle to try and get the advantage and then when they are forced to break the lockup Zelina slaps Bianca which was the wrong move as Bianca grabs Zelina by the hair and throws her off the top. Bianca claps at Zelina but when she turns her back Zelina hits her with a kick to the butt. Bianca goes over to Zelina but Zelina grabs the arm and hits Bianca with an arm breaker and then Zelina tries to capitalize but Bianca just slams her to the mat. Bianca sends Zelina into the ropes and Zelina tries to come back with a headscissors but Bianca is able to handspring out of it and then she takes Zelina down with a shoulder block. 

Bianca steps on the back of Zelina and then hits her with a standing moonsault, Bianca nips up and slaps her ass as she knows she has this match in the bag. Zelina tries to crawl out of the ring but Zelina grabs her by the leg and starts dragging her into the middle of the ring but Zelina kicks her in the gut and then hits a rolling kick to the head. Zelina comes off the middle rope with a hurricanrana and then tries for a lung blower, but Bianca is too strong as she catches her and hits her with a pop-up punch. Bianca hits Zelina with the clean and jerk style military press and drops Zelina face-first onto the top turnbuckle and then she follows that up with the K.O.D. to pick up the win.
Winner: Bianca Belair via Pinfall   Match Rating: **½ 

This was a fun little match between two women that didn’t get showcased anywhere near enough when they were on Raw (I know Zelina was focused on as a manager, but I’m talking about as an in-ring performer) which is a shame as these two put on a good match for the time they were given. I really liked Bianca’s hand springing out of the head scissors as well as the spot where Bianca caught Zelina and hit her with a pop-up punch. I have no complaints about this match and look forward to what both of these women have to offer on the blue brand. 

The announcers hype up Lars Sullivan as he will be in action after the break. 

As we come back from commercial we see that Shorty G is in the ring and is set to be interviewed before his match, Shorty says he is fed up and questions why he wasn’t drafted and why he is even on SmackDown. Shorty says he called out Lars Sullivan because he wants to prove he belongs. 

Match #3: Lars Sullivan vs Shorty G
Shorty ducks under the lockup attempt and tries for a springboard crossbody out of the corner but Sullivan catches him and throws him across the ring with a fallaway slam. Sullivan sends Shorty into the ropes and hits him with a big flapjack, Sullivan lifts Shorty onto his shoulder but Shorty rakes the eyes and slips out from behind and hits Sullivan with a Koppu kick in the corner but when he goes for a second one Sullivan moves out of the way and then he biels Shorty across the ring. Sullivan hits Shorty with a short-arm clothesline and then hits the Freak Accident to pick up the quick win.
Winner: Lars Sullivan via Pinfall   Match Rating: *¾ 

After the match, Shorty is interviewed once again and this time he says “I Quit”. 

Yep, this was a match, and “The Freak” picked up another win. When Shorty quit I was really starting to think WWE had given up on coming up with original ideas as they just had Austin Theory “quit” on NXT this past Wednesday, but as we would find out later there was more to this than Shorty just quitting, so stay tuned for my thoughts on that. 

Seth Rollins is interviewed about his match against Buddy Murphy later tonight and Rollins says he requested the match so that he can remind Murphy of what his role is in the greater good.

We then cut to Roman Reigns who is sitting at a table with two full plates of food in front of him but he pushes them away and then when Heyman tries to talk to him he gives him a sign that he doesn’t want to hear from him and that sends us to a commercial break.

We come back and go to the trainer’s room where Shorty G is having his shoulder iced. Adam Pearce walks up and asks him if he really meant it when he said he quit earlier in the night, Shorty says he is done…done with being Shorty G as he is tired of being the smiley happy punching bag that goes around telling people that if they believe in themselves anything is possible because that is not true. Shorty G can’t achieve anything he wants, however, there is one man who he knows can achieve anything he wants because his list of accomplishments is already very long, that one man is named Gable… Chad Gable.

Hallelujah! The stupid Shorty G name is gone and left in the dust and on top of that Gable looks to have a new edge to him, will that mean he is showcased more on SmackDown I would hope so but I highly doubt it but at least when he does show up he won’t have to be ridiculed with a stupid name that was created just because he is short. 

We then go to the ring where Bayley is sitting down as it is promo time from the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Bayley is annoyed she has to be out there but after being interviewed earlier in the morning and constantly being asked about Sasha and why she won’t sign the contract and if she is afraid of Sasha she had no choice but to come out and set everything straight. Bayley says she isn’t afraid of Sasha, she just doesn’t think Sasha is deserving of a title shot because she is a brat and she refuses to give her what she wants. Bayley said she attacked Sasha Banks all those weeks ago because she wanted to get rid of her but it seems like she is a bigger pain in the ass now than she was before the attack. Bayley says she is not going to sign the contract because Sasha may be the boss but she isn’t her boss. 

Sasha Banks comes to the ring with the contract in hand and she demands that Bayley sign the contract as Bayley started all of this and she is going to finish it. Bayley goes to hit her with a chair only for Sasha to duck under and grab the SmackDown Women’s Championship which she holds hostage as she continues to demand that Bayley sign the contract. Bayley feigns as if she is going to grab the contract but grabs the title instead and we get a tug of war with the title until Sasha hits Bayley with a knee and then Sasha grabs the chair and puts it around Bayley’s neck threatening to Pillmanize her as she puts her foot on the chair, Bayley is able to kick Sasha and create a bit of separation but before she has time to capitalize Sasha locks her in the Bank Statement while the chair is still around her and it doesn’t take long before Bayley signs the contract. 

I absolutely loved this segment as Bayley was great in the opening part with her promo and then when Sasha came out things really picked up as Sasha wasn’t in the mood to talk, she had one goal in mind and that was to make Bayley sign that contract no matter what it took. I liked Sasha taking the title hostage for a moment to try and get Bayley to sign the contract which led to a tug of war. While I do still wish they had saved this match for WrestleMania I think the build-up to this match has been great and I look forward to their match on Sunday as I know they are going to steal the show just like they did way back at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. 

It’s now time to go back to the courtroom for some more Law & Otis.

In this portion of Law & Otis, we get to the witnesses up first is John Morrison who milks the damage that Otis has caused to him and says it is the internal scars that hurt the most and this leads to him crying. Rey Mysterio says Otis won the Money in the Bank fair and square and was the only man to walk out of the match and for that reason he deserves to be the holder of the briefcase. We then go to Asuka who speaks in Japanese and judge Layfield asks the stenographer if he was able to get all of that and we see that the stenographer is none other than Theodore Long who says he got every word Playa and this leads to Asuka doing the Holla Holla Holla catchphrase. 

We then move on to the final witness which is Tucker and he says that The Miz has made Otis’ life a living hell and because of that Otis has been solely focused on kicking The Miz’s ass and at that very moment he wants to kick The Miz’s ass as well and he gets to his feet and this causes the courtroom to go into chaos but things get back in order after bailiff Simmons tells everyone to shut up. Judge Layfield says they are going to take a short recess and when court resumes he will give his verdict. Teddy Long walks out of the courtroom as he says he has to pee and with that we go to a commercial. 

We come back and it’s time for the verdict on Law & Otis

Judge Layfield then says that the one thing that has been missing from this trial is the truth and he then explains that all of the things which The Miz is suing Otis for comes with the job of being in the WWE and as far as Money in the Bank negligence goes it clearly states that Otis has an entire year to cash to cash in his briefcase and thus he has no choice but to… Miz interrupts him and asks to present a new piece of evidence which he feels that judge Layfield needs to see and then he brings out a briefcase, judge Layfield asks bailiff Simmons to bring the evidence to him and when he opens it he gets a shit-eating grin on his face and then says that based on this new evidence he has no choice but to rule in the favor of The Miz. Judge Layfield tells Otis he is ordering him to appear this Sunday at Hell in a Cell and put his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line against The Miz and thus concludes Law & Otis. 

Ok here are my thoughts on all of these Law & Otis segments, as much as I have hated this whole lawsuit storyline I will say that I enjoyed what I saw tonight as I thought it brought some humor to the show without going over the top and I like the surprise appearances from Ron Simmons and Theodore Long. I liked the interaction between Miz and Tucker when Tucker was on the witness stand as it got over that Tucker is pissed off about this entire situation and is worried about his buddy Otis. I liked judge Layfield explained why everything The Miz is suing for is completely stupid and has zero merits and gets ready to rule in favor of Otis, but in true JBL fashion he ends up getting his mind changed when he is bribed by The Miz who presents him with a briefcase full of money. The only problem I had with this was why even have the trial if Miz is still going to have to compete for it, shouldn’t he have just automatically won the briefcase when he won the case it makes the whole lawsuit angle feel like it was for nothing. 

We get a video package that shows everything that has led to the fracture between Seth Rollins and Murphy and then Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial. 

Match #4: Seth Rollins vs Buddy Murphy
They lockup and then we get both men very aggressively jockeying for position until Rolins back Murphy into the corner and is forced to break. Rollins reminds Murphy of his place and pokes his chest and this fires Murphy up as he comes out of the corner and we get another lockup which is aggressive and this time Murphy is forced to break when he backs Rollins into the corner, Rollins continues to poke Murphy with his finger until Murphy grabs the arm and starts wrenching on it and then he takes Rollins down to the mat with an armbar, Rollins gets to his feet and we have a spot where both men try to work over the arm of the other but they keep getting out of it and then Murphy takes Rollins down with a headlock takeover which Rollins recovers from and then he pokes Murphy in the eye to gain control of the match.

Rollins takes Murphy down to the mat and locks in a headlock which he won’t release despite Murphy trying to fight out of it. Murphy finally shoots Rollins into the ropes but Rollins takes him down with a shoulder block and then we get a drop-down and leapfrog spot which ends with Rollins hanging onto the top rope to stop his momentum. Rollins shoves Murphy once again and gets dropped with a big right hand which surprises Rollins. Murphy ducks a clothesline attempt and sends Rollins out of the ring with a hurricanrana, Murphy does a baseball slide to the outside but Rollins ducks only to run into a backdrop which sends him crashing onto the announce table and that sends us to a commercial break. 

We come back to Murphy hitting Rollins with a back elbow as he charges at him in the corner and then Murphy attempts a tornado DDT, but Rollins hangs on and places Murphy on the apron only for Murphy to get a shot in and climb up top where Rollins trips him up sending Murphy chest first into the top turnbuckle and he falls out to the floor. We cut to the back where Aaliyah is watching the match when Dominik and Rey show up and try to get her to come with them but she isn’t budging as she wants to watch the match. Back in the ring, Rollins hits Murphy with a gutbuster for a 2 count. Rollins goes to work on the midsection as he locks in a reverse bear hug, Murphy eventually gets to his feet and tries to break the hold by backing Rollins into the corner but he goes for it one too many times as Rollins throws him into the corner, Murphy gets his boot up when Rollins charges in and then he hits him with a missile dropkick. 

Murphy makes his comeback as he connects with a clothesline and a calf kick and then he sends Rollins to the outside where he hits him with a wrecking ball dropkick to create distance so that he can take Rollins down with a tope con hilo. Murphy throws Rollins back into the ring and then goes up top where he connects with a Meteora which gets a 2 count as Murphy is unable to make an immediate cover. Murphy rolls out of the ring and it looks like he may have dislocated his shoulder so he tries to pop it back in place but Rollins won’t let him rest as he takes Murphy down with a tope suicida and then throws him back into the ring. Rollins connects with a springboard knee strike but Murphy is able to kick out at 2. Murphy rolls out to the apron and Rollins follows as he hits Murphy with an arm wringer on the apron and this sends us to a commercial. 

We come back to Rollins trying to hit Murphy with a superplex but Murphy fights back and tries to hit Rollins with a sunset flip powerbomb but Rollins hangs onto the rope so Murphy hits him with a Cheeky Nando’s kick instead. Murphy tries to powerbomb Rollins out of the corner but his arm gives out and Rollins ends up escaping and then he hits Murphy with a buckle bomb, Rollins runs off the ropes looking for a Curb Stomp but Murphy connects with a knee out of nowhere for a 2 count. Both men get back to their feet and Murphy grabs Rollins by the bank of his tights but receives a back elbow for his troubles, Rollins continues to talk trash to Murphy as he slaps him while he is down and then he pulls Murphy up and drops him with a big right hand. 

We get both men exchanging punches in the middle of the ring as both are on wobbly legs and then Murphy takes advantage with a flurry of strikes only for Rollins to dodge a knee to the head and connect with an enziguri which causes Murphy to fall back to the middle rope and bounce back, Rollins looks for a suplex but Murphy catches him with a small package for a 2 count. Rollins connects with a discus elbow and then hits Murphy with a falcon arrow for yet another 2 count. Rollins sets up for the Curb Stomp but Murphy is able to move out of the way and attempts a schoolboy but Rollins rolls through and tries for another Curb Stomp but Murphy moves once again only for Rollins to hit him with a back elbow moments later and then he goes up top but Murphy hits him with an enziguri. Murphy puts Rollins on his shoulders perhaps looking for Murphy’s Law, but Rollins slips out from behind and takes Murphy down with an arm wringer and then he finally hits the Curb Stomp to pick up the win.
Winner: Seth Rollins via Pinfall   Match Rating: ****¼ 

After the match, Seth Rollins pulls out a kendo stick from under the ring and we cut to the back where Aaliyah Mysterio is begging her father and brother to go out and help Murphy, but they refuse and say this is not their business to get into, Aaliyah isn’t having this as she decides she will go out and help him if they won’t. Murphy is getting beat with the kendo stick as Aaliyah runs out but she doesn’t enter the ring until Rollins continues to hit Murphy after mocking her. Aaliyah rolls in and covers Murphy as Rollins leaves the ring when he sees Dominik running down the ramp. Dominik keeps questioning Aaliyah as to what she is doing as this is not their business and while his back is turned Rollins attacks him and this leads to Rey Mysterio running down to the ring and chasing Rollins off. Rey helps Dominik get to his feet and Dominik is not happy at all but Rey is trying to get him to calm down and while this conversation is happening Aaliyah walks over and starts checking on Murphy as she is sort of hugging him and she has her back turned on her father and brother. 

Wow, I was definitely not expecting a match this good to be happening on the show but these two delivered and this may be the best match that either man has had this entire year and is a definite contender for one of the best WWE matches of the year. I thought the post-match stuff was done very well and as tired as I was of this story a few months ago I have to admit that they have gotten me back into it as I am enjoying this next progression of the story with Aaliyah liking Murphy but her family disapproving of her liking him. I find it interesting that their feud with Rollins and Murphy has consumed Rey and Dominik to the point where they are pushing Aaliyah away and aren’t trusting in her decision and because they have been consumed by this feud they are unable to see that Murphy has changed, in a way Rey and Dominik are pushing Aaliyah away because her vision for the greater good of the family isn’t the same as hers and they are unable to see that their unyielding disapproval is pushing her to want to be with Murphy even more so, I could be completely off base with these thoughts about what is happening but it’s what I am getting from the story. 

Some intern knocks on the dressing room door of Roman Reigns and tells Paul Heyman that it’s time for Reigns to come to the ring and this sends us to a commercial. 

When we come back from commercial the WWE Universal Champion and our Tribal Chief Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

Before Reigns even has a chance to speak one word we see that Uso is up on the tron and he is wearing a hat and a bandana over his face and is sitting in the same seat that Reigns was sitting in earlier. Uso talks about how nice it must be being the tribal chief or how nice it must be being cousins with the tribal chief, or at least it used to be. Uso says that Reigns has his head so far up his own ass that he has lost connection with himself and with the family, but who is he to say anything maybe it would be better if you ask his brother Jey (the Uso on the screen pulls down the bandana to reveal he is Jimmy Uso). Jey Uso attacks Reigns from behind and then sidesteps a charge which sends Reigns into the ring post shoulder-first and then he goes out and grabs a chair but Reigns is able to kick it out of his hands, Reigns grabs the chair but he gets hit with a superkick and that is followed by an Uso splash. 

Uso leaves the ring and walks up the ramp where he is joined by his brother, Reigns is able to recover and he gets on the mic. Reigns says that they think this is all fun and games but he realizes that if Uso makes him say I Quit at Hell in a Cell then he loses his position as the Tribal Chief, head of the table, and provider for generations of their bloodline but he can live with that if Uso makes him quit but he questions as to whether Uso could live with that or not. Reigns says that when he makes Uso quit he will fall in line, take orders, acknowledge and respect Reigns for who is he in the WWE and all he does for their family, and if he can’t do those things then he is out of the family, but it’s not just him that’s out as Jimmy and both of their immediate families are out of the family as well. Reigns says the entire family will turn their backs on them and those are Uso’s consequences. 

The Hell in a Cell lowers around Reigns and then Uso climbs the cage to stare down Reigns and that is how the show comes to a close. 

I am so ready for this match as this feud has been so good and I know I probably say that every week but it can’t be stated enough how great the storytelling in this feud has been and surprisingly for WWE there haven’t been any gaps in logic the entire time. If the fact that this match is an I Quit match inside of the Hell in Cell wasn’t enough the stipulation that Reigns lays down at the end of the show where if Uso loses he and his family (which includes Jimmy and Naomi) will be excommunicated from the family. I still don’t see any chance of Uso winning even with the new stipulation but I am still hyped for the match as I expect these two to beat the shit out of each other and I am definitely interested to see what happens next week on SmackDown seeing as the Usos will no longer be apart of the Anoa’i family. 

This was a really good go-home episode of SmackDown as it did a good job of making me hyped for Hell in a Cell. In addition to the greatness that was the main event segment I really enjoyed the Rollins vs Murphy match and the segment involving Bayley and Sasha. 

Not only am I hyped for Hell in a Cell because of what could happen on the show, but I am looking forward to talking to everyone in the Place to Be Nation’s Twitch chat room as for the first time P2B will be having a live watch-a-long during Hell in a Cell (HTTP://, so even in the off chance that this show totally sucks at least the P2B peeps will make it entertaining. 

That’s it for me this week but I’ll be back next week for all of the fall out from Hell in a Cell.