Shrink Wrapped: The Psychology of Super Heroes-Vision and the Scarlet Witch

After an extended furlough of heavy analysis and self reflections, Psychology “experts” Tim, Jenny and Shawn are back and seem more like themselves! This time they are assessing the now retired Avengers known as Vision and Scarlet Witch. Follow along from the Vision and the Scarlet Witch Limited Series Volume No. 1, #1-4 as they relocate to their new home in New Jersey. Topics include: a housewarming gift from Captain America, a bunch of possessed kids, Jarvis as a blocker to love making, Wanda’s fake dad Robert Frank, Wanda’s  fake brother Nuklo, Vision losing an arm, internal mind battles with extended family while comatose, Bova the Human Mid-Wife Cow, Quicksliver, close sisters and a final shocking revelation on the Blue Moon! You may also hear some WandaVision references from this story as well. All this and more in case file 005 of Shrink Wrapped: The Psychology of Super Heroes!