Seen Your Video #7: Ultimate Warrior ‘89

Rory McNamara is back to root around the attic for the very best (and worst!) the Home Video Classics section of the WWE Network has to offer. Today he welcomes a brand new guest to the Place To Be Nation Wrestling Network in the form of his fellow Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast historian(?) Chris Lacey! After an introduction to Chris and his own wresting fandom, the boys take a trip to Parts Unknown to look at the first of two Ultimate Warrior VHSs on the Network! From a terrible match with Hercules (not that one) to a barn-burning display of attacking venom against Rick Rude (not that one), join the guys on a journey you might not want to ever return from!

So dust off your VCR, pop in the tape, reset the timer to 0000 and enjoy!