Second Print Comics Podcast Ep.81: The Horrifying Immortal Hulk!

In this week’s SPC, we have another Kirby Club producer as Marc’s longtime friend Eric tasks the SPC Crew with reading the 1st 5 issues of Al Ewing’s Immortal Hulk. Join Marc and Remso as they check out the beginning of one of the most daring and most frightening superhero comics of the modern day, as we meet a Bruce Banner dealing with his newfound immortality and the Devil Hulk version of himself that takes over when his human body “dies.” Along the way, we meet ace reporter Jackie McGee – who has her own past with the Hulk – along with our old pal Walter Langkowski aka The Sasquatch.  Smart retcons, classic horror tropes and some truly horrifying moments, this is a run that no true comic fan should sleep on!

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