Second Print Comics Podcast Ep. 27: What If…Remso Beat COVID?!

What If…a pandemic struck at the heart of the Second Print Comics Crew? Well, it did, but the Bat Stew Flu can’t keep Remso down! In this episode, he and Marc dive headfirst into a sampling of Marvel’s “What If…?!” series, which looks at different alternative realities that could (or did…for those multiverse respecters out there) have happened, and how the lives of Marvel’s heroes and villains may have unfolded had certain events played out differently. Along the way, they dissect the inconsistent portrayals of Uatu the Watcher throughout the series, and read one of the most bizarre comic books ever printed!

Reading Material:

What If? Vol. 1 #31 What if Wolverine Had Killed the Hulk?

What If? Vol. 3 #4 What if the Fantastic Four Were Cosmonauts?

What If? Vol. 2 #49 What if Silver Surfer Possessed the Infinity Gauntlet?

What If? Iron Man: Demon in an Armor

What If? Vol. 1#11: What if the Original Marvel Bullpen Became the Fantastic Four?

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