Scott’s Main Event Recap 6/5/13


WWE Main Event
June 5, 2013
Uniondale, New York

Josh welcomes us to venerable Nassau Coliseum for Main Event! Our feature match is up now.

MATCH: Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro
So we’ll see how Sheamus will win this week. Ricardo Rodriguez is back with Josh and Miz. I’m enjoying the catch-as-catch-can style early, which is right up Cesaro’s alley. Cesaro has really fallen off the map since losing the US Title, and it’s really sad. The match is going back and forth midway through but Cesaro keeps blocking Sheamus from pulling the big moves off. One thing I will say positively, even if these matchups are stale, the matches do look different and have creativity. Cesaro hits a knee from off the top rope after drilling Sheamus with an upperrcut when the Celtic Warrior was coming off the top rope. Cesaro clamps up some sort of Million Dollar Dream-type move. He’s really bringing the goods. Sheamus breaks the move with a foot on the ropes. Cesaro tries for his finisher but Sheamus gets him off his back and on the turnbuckle, but guess what? BROGUE KICK! Sheamus wins. Yes the finish is predictably bad, but the match actually wasn’t bad. I’ve realized Main Event has turned into 1987 Babyface Superstars.

The Raw Rebound is the Triple H/McMahon saga and HHH not wrestling Curtis Axel. The Game is slated to face Curtis Axel this Monday night on Raw.

Friday Night Team Hell No and Randy Orton will be on Miz TV.

MATCH: The Usos vs. Team Rhodes Scholars
Awesome. We haven’t seen this stellar team in weeks. They’ll probably lose here, but that’s ok. The Usos said on the WWE App that the face paint they wear now is due to the Shield pushing them to want the Tag Team Titles and they are going back to their roots. It seems like now they are establishing some sort of tag division, as teams need to be established to go after the Shield instead of all these six-man tag matches. Again, I will say the matches are great. It’s the matchups that’s the problem. This has been a solid match and a unique booking style as the babyface Usos are dictating the pace until Cody ducks a splash and Jey goes into the turnbuckle. Sandow takes over with his Elbow of Disdain and now a headlock. This is a healthy length match for the second of the show. I will say the action this week has been very solid. Jey gets the hot tag, hits the big splash and gets the victory for his team. This was a good one and the Usos move up the ladder to a future tag title match. That’s a good old school way of booking.

We get a montage of Ryback’s path of destruction, including the eliminating of Kofi Kingston, and his Monday night beating of John Cena en route to Payback. I love Three Stages of Hell matches, if the stipulations were any good.

MATCH: Justin Gabriel vs. Curt Hawkins
Wow, talk about a true match from old school Superstars. I can’t remember the last time we had Curt Hawkins in a match. He’s wearing a cut. What is he leaving to join Aces & Eights? This match is a mess and after some token Hawkins offense, Gabriel wins with his 450 Splash. With that we’re out.

SCOTT’S TAKE: Even though the results were predictable, the matches were fun and different from the last time we saw these same matchups.