Ryan’s Main Event Review 7/22/14


WWE Main Event
July 22nd, 2014
Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

*Seth Rollins vs. Fandango

Mr. Money in the Bank starts it out against Fandango, as I guess he’s a face after losing matches due to Summer Rae & Layla? Headlock sequence to start that ends with Fandango hitting a dropkick knocking Rollins to the floor and Fandango plays to the crowd. Rollins comes back in and hits Fandango with a throw in the ropes. Rollins stomps away in the corner and goes to a headlock. Fandango fights out and gets a backslide for two. Fandango tries for a hurricanranna, but Rollins turns it into a corner powerbomb and then the Curb Stomp for the win. Pretty quick squash and good to see a clean win for Rollins. 1 for 1

*We see back at Brock being announced as the number 1 contender, including bits of the awesome Heyman promo. This is followed by a video of both Cena and Lesnar working out, calling it the biggest fight of the summer.

*Jey Uso w/Jimmy vs. Ryback w/Curtis Axel

Just to confirm they are Samoan Cena, the Usos also have little dishrags that coordinate with their shirts. Jey tries to take a breather early, but Ryback stays in controls and works over Jey. Jey rolls up Ryback for two and then goes for a cross-body, but Ryback hits a spinebuster and then goes for the Meat-Hook, but Jey hits a Samoan Drop. Jey hits the Cheeks of Fire, but then gets distracted by Axel. Jimmy pulls Axel off the apron, but Ryback hits the Meat Hook on Jey for the win. This was nothing special and the Usos are a great team, but not really ready for singles action. 1 for 2

*Renee is in the back with Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil and Heath calls them Slater Gator, which Titus disagrees with. Slater assures Renee they will be as great as Sonny King and Chief Jay Strongbow.

*SLATER GATOR vs. Big E & Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods

Titus starts with Kofi. Titus hits two back breakers and barks, before Heath tags himself in. Heath stomps down Kofi. Heath keeps Kofi in his corner, but Kofi tries fighting out, but Heath tags in Titus. Slater Gator disagree on tags and Kofi is able to tag in Big E. Big E runs through Titus and Big E hits a backbreaker and holds him there and Kofi comes off the top with a double stomp. Woods yells at them to do it to Slater as well and they do and then stack up Slater Gator and Big E gets the pin. Woods continues firing up Kofi and Big E. Another quick match, but I’ll give a point just for the pre-match promo but Slater alone. 2 for 3

*We recap the Swagger/Rusev match from Battleground, with Rusev getting the count-out win. We then get a promo for Zeb, and he says the only thing Russia has invented is vodka. Zeb then gets everyone to say We the People. Before we can get to the match we go to a LENGTHY recap of the Stephanie/Bella angle with Stephanie getting arrested.

*Rusev w/Lana vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Coulter

Lana talks about Americans surrendering and being a former shell of ourselves. And Putin is great. Swagger goes after the injured leg of Rusev right away, with Rusev going to the ropes. Rusev takes over in the corner with some punches. Rusev charges at Swagger on the ropes, but Swagger tosses Rusev as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. WWEShop commercial and we come back with Rusev in control, choking Swagger with the rope. Rusev follows Swagger out of the ring and slams his head into the barricade and steps. Fans chant USA, as Swagger and Rusev punch at each other, but Rusev hits a body splash to take over. Rusev stands on Swagger’s head and pulls his arm, before going to a chinlock. Swagger fights out and hits a big clothesline and then a belly to belly. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb, but Rusev puts his foot up, but Swagger grabs the foot coming down and locks in the Patriot Lock. Rusev gets the ropes and crawls to the floor. Swagger follows him out and hits a clothesline. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock again, but Rusev fights out of it and hits Swagger with the Russian flag giving Swagger the DQ victory. Rusev goes in the ring with the flag to do more damage, but Zeb grabs the flag and Swagger hits a big boot to Rusev, sending him out of the ring. Swagger waves Old Glory to end the show. Glad this feud will continue as they seem to be getting better, as I liked this more than Battleground and I think they are gelling. 3 for 4


Final Thoughts: Nothing great this week, quick Rollins squash, continuation of the new Nation, and building the Swagger-Rusev feud.