Ring of Honor TV Report – Episode #300 6/17/2017

6/17/2017 ROH TV Report

This week’s show comes from Philadelphia as part of the War Of The Worlds tour. This is the 300th episode of Ring Of Honor Television.

Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser vs Bobby Fish and Jay Lethal

Lethal will be facing Young at Best In The World. Bruiser and Fish start the match with Bruiser grabbing a headlock. Bruiser hits a shoulder-block. They criss-cross and Bruiser runs out of gas. Lethal tags in and calls out Young but Bruiser stays in. Lethal whips him into the ropes and they criss-cross with Bruiser running out of gas again. Young refuses the tag and gives Bruiser a beer. Lethal and Fish run Bruiser out again and he spits out his beer. The show goes to commercial and after the break Lethal dropkicks Young off the apron and then hits a tope suicida. Lethal rolls Young inside and suplexes him with Fish hitting a rolling senton. Young charges Fish into the corner but Lethal saves. Lethal gets whipped into Bruiser’s knee. Lethal hits Young with a bicycle kick and an enzuiguri. Bruiser charges Fish with a clothesline but Fish gives him a Samoan Drop. Fish charges Young into the corner and gives him an exploder suplex into the corner. Lethal tags in and Young whips Fish into him but Fish jumps to the apron and gives Bruiser a plancha. Lethal goes for the lethal injection but Young blocks it. Lethal and Fish double-team Young with kicks and elbows. Bruiser breaks up a pin attempt. Lethal holds Young but Young escapes as Fish kicks Lethal to the floor. Bruiser gives Lethal a cannonball from them apron. Fish unloads kicks on Young and Bruiser. Bruiser then grabs Fish in a stungun/wheelbarrow suplex. Young and Bruiser double-team Lethal who get Bruiser with the lethal injection. Young then grabs Lethal and gives him the Misery Loves Company (spinning TKO) for the pinfall.

ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels says that 2017 has been a year of landmarks with his first world title reign and the 300th episode of ROH. He says that he was the first tag team champion and second TV champion and now World Champion of the World. He says you can expect two things going forward from ROH: continued excellence in the ring and continued dominance by the Almighty.

Footage is shown of the incident from two weeks ago when The Boys shoved Dalton Castle out of the way causing Jay Briscoe to get mist blown in his face by Bushi. An interview is shown with Mark Briscoe and Bully Ray telling him it’s just one match. Bully says they’re still the six-man tag team champions.

The Boys vs Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia with TK O’Ryan

Marseglia and Taven attack The Boys in the entrance-way and beat them to ringside. They whip The Boys with belts and choke them with the belts. Marseglia lifts the mat and slams the head of one of The Boys off of a table. Dalton Castle then comes out and distracts Taven and Marseglia as The Boys get ready behind them in the ring. They Boys dropkick Taven out of the ring and roll up Marseglia. They hit Marseglia with a double dropkick and then dropkick he and Taven off the apron and hit them with stereo tope con giro’s. They take Marseglia back inside and he throws a headbutt and takes one of the Boys to the corner. Taven then gives the Boy a Guerrero Special (inverted suplex) off the top rope followed by a swanton by Marseglia for the pinfall. Taven takes the mic and says they came here to make a statement: Be one of us. It was noted on commentary that at Best In The World, Taven and Marseglia will face Ultimo Guerrero and El Terrible of CMLL.

Jay Briscoe comes out after The Boys but Castle faces off with him in the ring. Bully Ray and Mark Briscoe try to calm Jay down. It’s noted that Castle and The Boys will face Bully Ray and The Briscoes at Best In The World.

A vignette is shown of Punishment Martinez.

Punishment Martinez vs Joe “Diesel” Daddiego

Footage is shown of Martinez recently losing to Jay White. Daddiego avoids a charge by Martinez and throws punches. Martinez holds him off and hits a clothesline. Martinez whips him into the corner twice and then bodyslams him. Martinez hits a springboard rolling senton. Martinez hits jumping elbows in the corner and throws a big punch. Daddiego fights back with punches but Martinez grabs him in a big sit-out chokeslam for the pinfall victory. Will Ferrara and Cheeseburger come in to assist Daddiego but Martinez beats them down. Jay White comes in and hits Martinez with strikes and uppercuts and punches away at him in the corner. Martinez knees White in the gut repeatedly. White slaps him and clotheslines him over the top rope with Martinez landing on his feet on the floor.

Will Ospreay, Hirooki Goto and Gedo vs Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Cody The American Nightmare joins commentary ahead of June 23 title match against world champion Daniels at Best In The World. Kazarian and Ospreay start off with Kazarian grabbing a headlock. They trade wristlocks and then Ospreay does his repeated kip-ups and the show goes to commercial. After the break Daniels is going for an Arabian Facebuster on Goto and Gedo but Ospreay cuts him off. All six men brawl on the floor. Gedo takes control on Daniels in the ring. Ospreay tags in and bodyslams Daniels and gives him a rolling senton. Goto tags in and chops Daniels and gives him a leg lariat in the corner. Daniels fights back with punches. Tanahashi tags in and knocks Gedo and Ospreay off the apron. Tanahashi hits Goto with a flying forearm then bodyslams both Ospreay and Gedo and gives them a double elbowdrop. Tanahashi gives Goto a dragon-screw legwhip. Tanahashi bodyslams Goto and gives him a swanton. Goto hits Tanahashi with a clothesline. Ospreay tags in and gives Tanahashi a head-kick. Ospreay hits a springboard flying forearm and a running shooting star press. Kazarian and Daniels whip Ospreay into the ropes but he hits them with a Pele kick. Kazarian gives Ospreay a back-cracker. Daniels gives Gedo an STO. Goto grabs Daniels and gives him a neckbreaker but Tanahashi grabs Goto in a neckbreaker. Tanahashi gives Ospreay a slingblade and the show goes to commercial.

After the break Goto is on the floor and Tanahashi hits him with a pescado. Ospreay goes up top and hits a shooting star press. Daniels teases a dive but Gedo stops him and gives him a jawbreaker. Daniels gets Gedo in the blue thunder bomb Daniels goes for the angel’s wings but Ospreay stops with a flying headkick. Goto headbutts Daniels who gets rolled up by Gedo. Ospreay goes for the Oscutter but accidentally gets Goto with it. Gedo throws punches at Daniels and Kazarian who fight him off. Kazarian hits a cutter followed by Daniels doing a uranage. Tanahashi hits Gedo with a high fly flow followed by the Best Moonsault Ever by Daniels for the pinfall win. Daniels then spits at Cody at the commentary table. Cody takes his jacket off and Hangman Page attacks Kazarian and Daniels from behind. Cody hits Daniels with the angel’s wings and holds up the ROH Title.

We then get interviews from: Marty Scurll hyping his TV Title match with Kushida; Jay Lethal hyping his match with Silas Young; Castle and The Boys regarding their six-man tag title match; Hangman Page regarding his strap match with Kazarian; Matt Taven and Vinny \Marseglia regarding their match with Guerrero and Terrible; The Young Bucks regarding their tag title match with War Machine; and Christopher Daniels regarding his ROH Title match with Cody.

This was a solid show that built well to Best In The World which looks to be a good pay-per-view. The opener and main event were quite good on this show with a couple of passable matches otherwise. Things seem to be heating up in ROH and I’m enjoying being back to doing recaps of their shows.