Rank & File #9: Greatest Television Theme Songs, Part Three

Noooowwwww, this is a podcast all about how, we ranked our favorite shows by their sounds. So we’d like to take a minute just sit right there, we’ll tell you what we think of our favorite themes from shows on the air.

 In metro Detroit Michigan, born and raised. Watching TV is how Jordan spent lots of his days. Saved By The Bell, Cosby, and the show about tools, and watching some b-ball and drama from high schools. 

When a couple of songs they got stuck in his head! Started playing over and over, even in bed. He started one little show with Erich and Claire, they said we’ll rank the greatest songs that ever made the air. 

They started making lists and when the show came near, they realized there were even more songs to hear! If anything, we could say that this task was tough, but we are gonna try to listen and rank all this stuff! 

They narrowed their favorite shows down to about seven or eight, and they said to the cut ones, yo, homes, smell ya later!  

Looked at their list, even though it took a while, they were ready to debate on this months rank and file. 

THIS MONTH ON RANK AND FILE, the crew ranks the greatest TV theme song of the 1980s and 90s. Take a listen!