PTBNXT #13: NXT TV 8/7/14, 8/14/14 & 8/21/14

On this edition of PTBNXT, Tim, Jenny, and Jake continue their tradition of new gimmick names, then discuss the 8/7/14, 8/14/14 and 8/21/14 episodes of NXT TV. The gang break down a low point for NXT TV, a lackluster tag tournament, hair vs. hair matches, the ascension of Kalisto and Sin Cara, negative stars for Eva Marie, Adam Rose and Sami Zayn as partners, Tyson Kidd, the much hyped Neville and Breeze showdown, existential crises, where to watch the Leprechaun saga, main roster anger, and much more.

So set sail at Full Sail for some top tier analysis and complete nonsense because We Are PTB…NXT!