PTBN’s WrestleMania List-a-Mania – Day Two: Best WrestleMania Theme Songs

In honor of WrestleMania 33, members of the PTBN Staff has gathered to create a series of 33 lists, all dedicated to the rich history of WWE’s grandest spectacle. Each contributor assigned a ranking of 1-10 and votes were tallied accordingly. We will be releasing one list per day, with the final list to be posted on April 1, 2017, the day prior to WrestleMania 33! Be sure to share your feedback with us on social media! You can view the complete series here!

Day Two: Best WrestleMania Theme Songs

Others Getting Votes: Crack Addict – WrestleMania XXIX (10), The Memory Remains – WrestleMania XXVIII (10), Shoot to Thrill – WrestleMania XXV (9), Written in the Stars – WrestleMania XXVII (9), Superstar – WrestleMania X8 (8), I Dare You – WrestleMania 22 (8), Step Up – WrestleMania XX (8), Legacy – WrestleMania XXX (7), California – WrestleMania XVI (7), Good Feeling – WrestleMania XXVIII (5), Invincible – WrestleMania XXVIII (4), Behind Those Eyes – WrestleMania XXI (4), Tear Away – WrestleMania X8 (4), Big Time – WrestleMania 21 (3), Wild Ones – WrestleMania XXVIII (2), Rage – WrestleMania XV (2), Who’s Zoomin’ Who?  – WrestleMania III (2), Light It Up – WrestleMania XXIV (2)

10. I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) – Kevin Rudolf – WrestleMania XXVI (15 points)
Highest Ranking: 
#5 (Neil Trama & Brian Bayless)

I Made It seems like an inappropriate title for a show featuring the two most high profile matches going in where Undertaker vs. HBK and Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart. However,  if you look at the real life health hurdles and bad feelings Bret had to get through to come back to the WWE, the song feels more appropriate. Even from a wrestling standpoint, HBK really had to claw and fight his way into a rematch with Taker that him “making it” felt like an accomplishment.

9. Snow (Hey Oh) – Red Hot Chili Peppers – WrestleMania XXIV (15 points)
Highest Ranking: 
#5 (Tim Capel & Jason Greenhouse)

For a WrestleMania set in the sunny confines of Orlando, having a laid back rock song as its main bed made perfect sense. The easy listening sounds of Snow (Hey Oh) by the Red Hot Chili Peppers was a strong backdrop for the slate of action inside the Citrus Bowl.

8. My House – Flo Rida – WrestleMania 32 (17 points)
Highest Ranking: 
#5 (Mike Eller & Steven Ferrari)

With WrestleMania being housed inside the relatively new AT&T Stadium for the first time, Flo Rida’s upbeat My House was a perfect song to fit the grandiose nature of a bloated event filled with legends and current stars inside a magnificent, opulent home like JerryWorld.

7. Ladies & Gentlemen – Saliva – WrestleMania 23 (34 points)
Highest Ranking: 
#2 (Chris Jordan)

A forgotten classic in the pantheon of WrestleMania theme songs, Ladies & Gentlemen was an upbeat rock song with perfect pauses and beats for something like a wrestling video package. Plus, it is all about inviting fans to see a circus-like show… just like the WWE does for WrestleMania.

6. Coming Home – Diddy Dirty Money – WrestleMania 29 (35 points)
Highest Ranking: 
#2 (Steve Riddle)

As WrestleMania returned home to the New York City area, bringing along NY native Diddy and his newest hit song along with it made a lot of sense. Diddy even performed a mini concert during the show, making this song an intertwined part of a huge night in New Jersey.

5. Easy Lover – Phil Collins & Philip Bailey – WrestleMania I (36 points)
Highest Ranking: 
#2 (Steven Ferrari & Jason Greenhouse)

In 1985, the WWF had its finger squarely on the pulse of pop culture thanks to its red hot Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Connection. It all crested at the first WrestleMania, and hooking up with a star like Phil Collins and using a mega hit like Easy Lover added even more credence to the production.

4. Big Time – Peter Gabriel – WrestleMania 22 (58 points)
Highest Ranking: 
#3 (Scott Criscuolo & Glenn Butler)

It seemed like an odd fit at the time, using a song from 1986 for an event in 2006, but for whatever reason it was a magical union. It is impossible to think about WrestleMania 22 without Big Time ringing in your ears. It was the perfect song for an event that took place in time where the company felt as bloated, excessive and over the top as ever. Hi there!

3. WrestleMania (Instrumental) – WWF Superstars – WrestleMania IX – 13 (60 points)
Highest Ranking: 
#2 (Neil Trama & Tim Capel)

Originally recorded as the first track on WrestleMania: The Album and set as the backdrop to WrestleMania IX, WrestleMania was stripped of its lyrics and leveraged as a theme song for the four years that followed as well. It was a catchy synthesized beat that captured the feeling of the New Generation Era in a strangely perfect way. The tune would then live on forever as Linda McMahon’s theme song as well.

2. WrestleMania: The Grand Spectacle – WWF – WrestleMania VI – VIII (81 points)
Highest Ranking: 
#1 (Scott Criscuolo, Glenn Butler, Tim Capel & Jason Greenhouse)

This song is WrestleMania. A well designed arrangement of excitement blaring from your TV speakers to let you know the biggest show of the year has arrived. A true classic in house theme, one of the best the WWF ever produced.

1. My Way – Limp Bizkit – WrestleMania X7 (94 points)
Highest Ranking: 
#1 (Neil Trama, Mike Eller, Steven Ferrari, Chris Jordan, Brian Bayless & Steve Riddle)

Easily the greatest pairing for a mainstream song and a PPV ever, My Way completely envelopes WrestleMania X7. You hear the song north of 30 times throughout the event and never once does it get old in that setting. It was a perfect backdrop for the animosity between Steve Austin and The Rock and in the end became a soundtrack for the show as a whole. A legendary match made in audible Heaven.