PTBN Wrestling Live : You Tube Roulette #1

With WWE Network proper gone, your hosts Shawn, Logan, Jake and Scott go to You Tube once a month where they spin the wheel and live watch 4 matches a show randomly found on You Tube so you at home can follow along. Each episode a member of the panel picks the 4 matches to watch. Rate, Trash, find a hidden classic and more all on free TV! Episode one kicks off with 4 title matches! A hot three way from IWA 2002 with three legends, then to original GLOW in 1986, jumps to a big tag title match in 1988 AWA and closes on a 1994 42 minute AWF match with two hall of famers. Episode 1

1. Punk vs. Guerrero vs. Mysterio-IWA Mid South Title

2. Tina Ferrari vs. Col. Ninotchka-Glow Championship Crown

3. Midnight Rockers vs Badd Company- AWA Tag Titles

4. Tito Santana vs Bob Orton-AWF Title