PTBN Weekend Playlist 7/24/20

Each week, a small group of PTBN staff members huddle in a small corner of the PTBN headquarters to debate, argue, and finally compromise on 15 (ish) songs to entertain you with. We pride ourselves on picking only the best music designed to entertain you and to enhance your weekend. As the calendar switches from June to July, we have decided to break up the monotony of 2020 with four very special lists. A committee of a few staffers met for weeks to narrow thousands of fan submitted theme ideas down to four. Last week, we followed up our dynamic live album with two for Tuesday and it was twice as awesome.This week, our fun is just about over. Instead of dwelling on the end we are celebrating the beginning. Each track this week is from the band or artists debut album. Sometimes a bands rocket sauce is thickest and most delicious when they first tip over the bottle. This week, we smother our French fries with that very rocket sauce. Next week, we return to our originally scheduled programming. Theme week at summer camp was fun but it’s time to get serious and prepare for graduation so we can go back to school in the fall. Or, maybe not. Don’t cry that the themes are over but instead celebrate their brief glory. I, for one, am more likely to forget the night I lost my virginity than the day I made a playlist with two songs from each artist I chose. It was that awesome. With that said…In the words of the great Eddie Vedder, PLEASE PLAY THIS PLAYLIST LOUD