PTBN Sports Lounge #21 – HUGE NFL Playoffs Preview


Happy New Year Loungers! This week’s edition of the Sports Lounge is live… just in time to be played at everyone’s New Year’s parties. Ring in 2015 with Cowboy, Cowboy Sr., and Keith Schmitt as they take you through the upcoming NFL Playoffs. The boys break down every game and give their predictions. Also, will this be the week that Cowboy Sr. gives the Pittsburgh Steelers their due??? There’s only one way to find out…. grab a seat on the sofa, pour yourself a drink, and light a cigar. You’re in the Sports Lounge!

Author: Cowboy

The Cowboy is an avid sports fan and all around jam up guy. He likes all sorts of combat sports, witnessed Mike Tyson win his first Championship and viewed UFC I in his mother's basement. He still visits there from time to time to type these articles for you.