PTBN Sports Lounge #11 – NFL Week 1 Review and Week 2 Preview


This week’s edition of the PTBN Sports Lounge is here! Cowboy is joined by the regulars: Andy Flanagan, Keith Schmidt, and fan favorite Cowboy, Sr. This week’s show is two hours of NFL football bliss as Cowboy and the crew take a look back at Week 1 of America’s favorite pastime. Highlights include an in depth look at Seahawks/Packers, Patriots/Miami, and New Orleans/Atlanta. Cowboy, Sr., as per usual, provides right down the middle commentary on the Pittsburgh Steelers and has some choice words for the Raiders/Jets tussle. After the break, your favorite football guys go behind the numbers and provide their unrivaled analysis on Week 2’s slate. So, as always, grab a cigar and pour yourself a drink. There’s plenty of room on the sofa in the Sports Lounge here at PTBN!