PTBN Podblast Special: NXT 2018 – A Child’s Retrospective

The NXT generation of Place to be Nation podcasters starts…NOW.

Steve Wille is joined by a very special co-host for this podblast, his seven-year old son! Listen to his picks for best and worst NXT performers of 2018, plus some of his favorite matches and moments of the year. Most importantly, learn who does a better worm than Otis Dozovic!

If you’re looking for alternative viewpoints on wrestling, or want to relive the innocence of watching sports entertainment as a child, this is the year-end special for you!

*** This segment was originally produced for the Main Event podcast, hence the confusing outro ***

Author: Steve Wille

Steve knows neither where he is going, nor where he's been. But he likes talking about pop culture and wrestling with like-minded individuals. He might even analyze you for a reasonable fee. Send Steve an email