PTBN GWWE: Making the Cut #5

In this episode of PTBN GWWE: Making the Cut, JT and Aaron are mixing things up with a special VERSUS edition of the show. In this discussion, the boys pit the candidacy of Bret Hart against Mick Foley and CM Punk. How do they stack up? Where do they rank? Who is better? JT & Aaron break it all down… and divert into many tangents along the way as usual!

One thought on “PTBN GWWE: Making the Cut #5

  1. Loved the talk comparing Bret and Backlund. As far as Backlund carrying the company for six years (with Bruno around for the first 3), how does that compare to Pedro who carried the company for three years (with very little Bruno) bringing record breaking attendance from the date of his return until the end of his reign?

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