Pro Wrestling Love #7: GWCW Reveal Part 2

NOW GET READY TO BOOGIE! Marty “Superstar” Sleeze & Justin “JKWebb” are back for more! Episode #7 of Pro Wrestling Love features their #75-#51 Greatest Matches to take place in either WCW or Jim Crockett Promotions in conjunction with the Place To Be Nation’s Countdown. Justin & Marty get into tales of travelling in Mississippi and a shared love for Waffle House. Marty convinces Justin you simply must have a Ric Flair match at #69. Justin gives Manny Fernandez and Sting & Ric
Flair some love. Marty gives the listeners a pro-tip on how to search for matches that are seemingly impossible to find. Marty & Justin delve deep into the greatness of Diamond Dallas Page, who they say is criminally underrated. As the episode wears on, Marty gets really tired and becomes very punchy and takes great pleasure in giving Justin the business for having Rey Mysterio matches too low. These are only some the highlights in an action-packed edition of the Pro Wrestling Love show. Give it a listen and let us know what you think and we hope you enjoy!