Pro Wrestling Love #40: Best of WWF 1978-1987, Part 5

My bad for missing last week’s release of Pro Wrestling Love, real life, CM Punk Mania and my buddy’s wedding was a perfect confluence of me having a brainfart and forgetting to upload the show. This episode is well worth the wait. As Kelly Nelson, a True Titan of Wrestling and Marty Sleeze team up ONE MORE TIME to breakdown their Top 5 BEST WWF MATCHES OF 1978-1987! Who takes #1 is always a selling point? Where will Marty & Kelly agree? Where will they disagree? In a curveball, Marty discloses the Worst Match he has ever seen and the funny commentary that happened during it. There is also a tribute to Paul Orndorff leads the show. All this and much, much more! What did we have too high? Too Low? Whats your 1, 2, 3? What did we snooze on completely? Let us know and keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love!