Pro Wrestling Love #37: WWF 1978-1987, Part 2

Marty Sleeze & Chief Jay Historian Kelly Nelson are back again (WHOOMP! There It Is!) counting down the best World Wrestling Federation matches to take place between 1978-1987. Kelly proves why they call him Chief Jay Historian dropping knowledge on how Bob Backlund was booked the first year of his title reign. Marty relates a story of the Boston Brawl to the Bruno/Larry feud and retells his mix-up about Viagra. Kelly discusses the most watched match in pro wrestling cable history until the late 90s. Marty begs for Twitter hate, should he be careful what he wishes for and is totally out to lunch on the Killer Bees vs Hart Foundation. All this & much much more on Pro Wrestling Love Episode #37,  #20-#16 on this countdown of the best WWF matches to take place between 1978-87. Click, download and enjoy and keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love!