Pro Wrestling Love #30: The Best of WWE 2010-2014, Part 5

Stacey & Marty go Broadway 3.5 times over! Eat your heart out, Naitch! It is not surprising because they are talking about their absolute favorites from their absolute favorite era, WWE 2010-2014 and this is THE TOP FIVE! Stacey & Marty are all revved up and ready to rock & roll! Stacey explains the origins of the Jimmy Redman name while Marty believed that Chicago had adopted CM Punk’s symbol as their flag on his first trip to Chicago.

There are a great tangents about backyard agriculture and 60s Japanese wrestling. Stacey goes full Stacey weaving an incredible yarn through the major Undertaker Mania matches of the era! Marty pours the love for Brock Lesnar to almost uncomfortable levels and he just cant get enough of Brock. Each #1 pick is a surprise to the other and are bold, ballsy picks! You will have to click the link and listen to find out what they are! What did we miss? What did we have too high? What did we have too low? Let us know!