Pro Wrestling Love #26: The Best of WWE 2010-14, Part 1

PWL v. 26 (Best of WWE 2010-2014 pt1): Marty Sleeze welcomes long-time friend and WWE Superfan Stacey aka Jimmy Redman of PWO fame on to discuss arguably the greatest period in the history of WWE, 2010-2014. Stacey’s Redman Report is legendary and perhaps the greatest list of all-time is her Top 100 WWE Matches of 2013. Stacey introduces herself and her pro wrestling fan journey. Marty & Stacey give an overview of the WWE landscape between 2010-2014 while gushing over the high water mark of 2013. This episode is dedicated to Sheamus and his indomitable greatness. Both Stacey & Marty seemingly cant get enough Sheamus on their lists. They extol his virtues and heap loads of praise upon one of the greatest pro wrestler of all times. Stacey gives lots of love to TV wrestling and Marty picks out some hidden gems from 2010. It is an episode filled with excitement and exuberance. This episode epitomizes Pro Wrestling Love so click download, listen, enjoy and come back next week for another slab of Pro Wrestling Love.