Pro Wrestling Love #24: Best of WWF 1988-97 Part 4

PWL Ep. 24 (WWF 1988-97 pt 4) Happy Mother’s Day! Never forget that every day is Mother’s Day according to Mr. T! What better way to show your mother you love her than share with her some Pro Wrestling Love featuring Marty Sleeze & PeteF3 from PWO! It is the Top Ten Best WWF matches of 1988-1997. Marty throws a couple curveballs early on featuring two polarizing matches! Pete brings the love for Shawn vs. Diesel wants more of this out of Shawn! They discuss morality of babyfaces in No DQ matches through the context of Bret Hart vs Diesel! WrestleMania X Ladder comes up and Pete & Marty agrees this one holds up! Click the link, download, enjoy and keep on spreading the Pro Wrestling Love.