Pro Wrestling Love #23: Best of WWF 1988-97 Part 3

PWL Ep. 23 (WWF 1988-97 pt 3):  Pro Wrestling Love coming at you hot & heavy right here on the Place To Be Nation, Marty “Superstar” Sleeze & Pete (PeteF3 on PWO) are back for more as they continue their march through the Top 25 WWF Matches of 1988-1997. They are the half way point going through #15-#11. There is way more discussion about Ultimate Warrior and Sid Vicious than anyone would ever think of on a “Best Of” pro wrestling podcast, but Marty  & Pete aren’t normal fans. Pete explains Sid’s entire arc as Sid Justice. While Marty tries desperately to prove Sid is a better wrestler than Warrior, but comes up short in terms of matches. Marty continues to extol the virtues of babyface vs babyface wrestling and how Bret Hart is the King of the genre. Pete gets in on the action picking one of his own. The Rockers get plenty of love on Pro Wrestling Love. After Marty declares who the greatest stomper is on all time in the last episode, he makes a bold proclamation on who has the best toe kick. They wrap up this episode discussing if the British Bulldog was high as a kite or just blowed the hell up. Listen to all this and so much on the Pro Wrestling Episode #23! Let us know what you think and keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love!