Pro Wrestling Love #15: Shoot Style Part 5

The Climax of the Top 25 Japanese Shoot-Style Matches of All Time is here, Marty “Superstar” Sleeze and Markout Matt reveal their Top 5 Japanese Shoot-Style Matches of All Time! Marty and Matt have gotten to know each through the Greatest Match Ever Project hosted at Annual voting takes place every Summerslam, all are welcomed. FINALLY, the Volk Han vs Kiyoshi Tamura trilogy is covered. Marty declares a match the most logical pro wrestling match he has ever seen. Markout Mountain Matt counters with a truck load of PWFG love. Marty gives his pick for the most influential pro wrestling match ever. Markout Mountain Matt loves draws and enjoys the internal struggle of the mind pushing the body to its absolute limits. Together this forms one massive episode of Pro Wrestling Love. It is the final episode in this mini-series so we want to know, what were too high on, too low on, what did we miss altogether, or if you agreed, let us know! Keep spreading the Pro Wrestling Love.