Popcorn Chicken Salad – Eurotrip (#4)

On episode 4 of Popcorn Chicken Salad, join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Matt Souza as they watch the 2004 comedy Eurotrip.

Topics discussed include: Shawn’s Tacos, what we were doing in 2004, graduation ceremonies, inappropriate ringtones, maybe the greatest cameo ever, what language we learned at school, British internet striking again, the webcam experience, football hooligans, Matt and Logan looking at a photo, Ben attempting to educate the boys on football/soccer, mime artists, creepy Italian guys, old male body parts, safewords, Lucy Lawless appreciation, poor exchange rates, throbbing techno, getting wine drunk, enormously baggy outfits, great value Russell Brand, the Americans attempt a british accent, From Rome To Cleveland and Logan serenades us again Come for the concept but stay because Scotty Doesnt Know, its Popcorn Chicken Salad.