Pop Goes The Classics – The Rescuers Down Under (1990)

On the twenty-fifth edition of Pop Goes the Classics, Steve Riddle, Andy Atherton, and Mirandia Berthold continue their trek through the Disney animated features with The Rescuers Down Under. The first official sequel in Disney history, the trio discuss it being the first sequel, the US’s fascination with Australian culture in the early 1990s, the vast Australian Outback, the majestic beauty of Marahute the eagle, Cody: Boy Adventurer, comparing Percival McLeach and Medusa as villains, the return of Bernard and Miss Bianca and their budding romance, the plights of Wilbur, the cool factor of Jake, the dramatic climax of the film, and whether the film would’ve worked better if it weren’t a “Rescuers” film. So join Steve, Andy, and Mirandia as they have some interesting debates about this film and as the trio continue their trek through the Disney Renaissance.