Paulie’s Perspective – The Multiverse Is Killing Me

Oh boy this Multiverse is killing me. Loki debuted Wed, June 9 on Disney+. It is a parallel universe version of Loki as he goes traveling through time and history to fix reality.

“Spiderman: No Way Home” has Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield joining Tom Holland as all 3 Spiderman’s do their thing together in some weird twisted collaboration of a multiverse. 

“The Flash” slated for next year has Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck reprising their roles as Batman to join in this multiverse bonanza. 

The Dr Strange sequel has called itself “In The Multiverse of Madness”, so God only knows what’s gonna pop out of that hat. 

In other words, the point i’m trying to make here is The Multiverse is a can of worms that studios just adore, and gives executives extreme forgiveness.  If something is horrible or just doesn’t sit well with audiences, like JJ Abrahams destroying the entire Vulcan planet in the Star Trek reboot, the studios can simply suggest – “why not place this story in the multiverse?”  With those words, poof – a new story is reborn and nothing bad ever happened.  If only I had that opportunity every time I got a speeding ticket or broke a window – just jump into an alternate reality and continue on with my day. 

We are having so many actors portraying Superman in tv shows, streaming platforms, and movies – we just can’t keep up and worse off than that, there is no face or actor to signify the character anymore. It has been cheapened. It all has. Batman now has Robert Pattinson, which I love, but c’mon. Add him to a long list of actors, add Superman to that long list of actors, and it’s become quite the industry. 

There seems to be a Flash for the movies, and a different Flash for the TV shows. And I’m sure the character and the actors will be replaced many times before Flash oversaturate the market.  Who will we come to love and recognize as The Flash? Who knows – maybe nobody. And that is why the Multiverse has got to stop. 

Let’s just say – 8 Flashes, 8 Batmen, 8 Supermen, 8 Spidermen, 8 versions of Loki running around, 8 versions of Thor – thank God Ironman and Captain America died, or did they? Studios are demeaning our heroes by doing all these versions, in all these realities with all these actors. How do we keep track? Can we keep track, and do we WANT to keep track? I know I got confused with Elizabeth Montgomery played both Samantha and her evil twin sister Serena on Bewtiched. Now we’re in a whole different ball game. 

When Marvel ruled the world – they made things simple. One story arc – one version of each superhero, in one universe. Infinity War began, and everything after that built up to Endgame, and then into Wandavision. Everyone knew what was going on and who was what. Now with the death of some characters the studio is rethinking this and saying to themselves, why on Earth would we keep our cash cows dead? Let’s make a multiverse where they can live and make more movies! So is Iron Man really gone? Is Cap America really gone? Black Widow? Vision? We don’t know. They can appear anywhere now, in any multiverse and looks like Disney is going to take full advantage of that. Oh, and don’t forget prequels – which is what they’re doing to Black Widow – it takes place before she died. What’s next – a page from Muppet Babies and we’ll have Avenger Babies?  Little Baby Thor playing with Baby Hulk in the crib?  

Of course when people die and then just simply appear in another universe you know what that means – who cares if they die or not? It doesn’t matter! No one dies! Nothing is final and every single character can come back in another universe. Does this make the moments more special or less special? Do we care more or less?  Oh wow he died! Can’t wait for him to come back in the next one!! Yippee!! 

It says to us – this character, is inconsequential. If you do not like it, we will start over in a new universe and do it again until you do like it.  The multiverse may be saving everyone else’s life – but it’s killing me.