Paulie’s Perspective: Hawkeye (2021) Review

Starring: Jeremy Renner; Hailee Steinfeld; Vera Farmiga; Florence Pugh

Producers: Kevin Fiege; Victoria Alonso; Louis D’Esposito

Writers: Don Heck; Jonathan Igla; Katrina Mathewson

So here we are again, another MCU addition and yet another home run. I marveled at WandaVision, and I was surprised and in awe of all they had done, but Hawkeye comes out of the gate fierce, funny and engaging. 

I know we all thought WandaVision could not be topped and that no way could they make a better series – well Marvel has. They added something to Hawkeye that WandaVision only hinted at – the possibility of a ton of guest appearances. 

The real fun part of Hawkeye is not only the great casting, but the opening up of characters that mingle with other characters. Echo, Kingpin, Yelena, all these characters easily connect to a ton of other characters. 

Sure you have your John McClain “poor me” vibe of Clint who just wants to get home for Christmas. You have your Kate Bishop, who is perfectly portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld, who so desperately wants to be a superhero since she witnessed the invasion of New York. The two have to learn to work together, and save the blah blah from the blah blah. That was all cool, but the interesting part of Hawkeye to me, was what or who was going to appear in the next episode. 

Marvel set up characters beautifully. Are we going to see Kingpin? If we do, are we going to see Daredevil? If we do are we going to see Bullseye? If we do, could we quite possibly see another Avenger just jump into the mix? I mean we have Hawkeye – and he’s got tons of Avenger friends. Hulk maybe? The guessing games in the 6 episode span made this series exciting, fresh and worth watching. 

Was the action good? Sure. The chemistry with Kate Bishop and Clint was rock solid and even enjoyable at times. All that seems par for the course these days with Marvel, who are killing it right now. Clint had to reconcile with what he did as Ronin. Clint had to get all the objects back that were taken from The Avengers and were being sold in the underground black market. Kate was tugging on his coat tails the entire time while finding out her mother was a horrible person. 

There was always a hint of Kingpin around, we just didn’t know if we were going to see him or not, and who he would bring into the mix with him. Clint seems not so upset when he finds out Kingpin is behind all this. Perhaps he knew all along and was in denial, but he put Kate in real danger as she went one on one with the big guy and lived to tell about it. 

So we have Kate Bishop and Clint, we have Black Widow’s sister Yelena, we have Echo, we have Kingpin – Marvel is really spreading their wings and letting characters mingle with other characters and that to me, is the best part about the MCU right now. I mean just look at the huge success of Spiderman: No Way Home. 

Cross pollination is something DC can’t really do, since for 40 years of Batman all we ever got was the origin story and him fighting the Joker over and over. Superman has been the exact same story over and over. They even made Superman II twice!!  So DC’s lack of including all the characters they have has definitely put them ten steps behind Marvel, again.  I don’t know if they’ll ever catch up. There are only so many Zack Snyder remakes you can do. 

As for Hawkeye – this 6 episode series was a true bullseye.