Paulie’s Perspective: Golden Globes 2021 Winners & Thoughts

You know the Golden Globes are the pre-cursor to the Oscars and we are all excited to see who wins what, and it’s the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which means it’s all media people who live outside of the USA, so it is a weird take on things. 

It’s an award show on not so much on how we see ourselves, but how the rest of the world sees us. 

The Big Winner of the evening was “Nomadland”, available on Hulu. 

I do no have Hulu, so I can not comment on the movie – but Frances McDormand from Fargo fame stars in it – so it stands a good chance of being pretty great. 

The film was up against The Father, Mank, Promising Young Woman, and The Trial of the Chicago 7.  All non-blockbuster films – this felt more like an Independent Film Award show than anything else. 

Sacha Baron Cohen was the winner for Best Actor – yes he beat out Lin-Manuel Miranda in “Hamilton”. What?! Yup. The man who changed Broadway theater was outdone by Borat. I’m glad this blood is not on our hands, but on the Hollywood Foreign Press. I guess it kind of makes sense because, really, why would foreigners be interested in how America worked them over and won our Independence?  Hopefully the Oscars can right this tragic wrong. 

Borat also won Best Musical or Comedy – again, beating out Hamilton, and Borat didn’t even have a script, a wardrobe dept or a budget!! Certainly no rapping or dancing or educational numbers – yet it wins. Amazing. Clearly Europeans took a vacation from quality entertainment this year. 

Best Director goes to Chloe Zhao, for “Nomadland”, again something I have to see. She beat out Regina King, who directed “One Night In Miami”, and was America’s darling last year – but again, these votes are not from America. 

Chadwick Boseman wins Best Actor in Drama for “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”. His competition was Anthony Hopkins and Gary Oldman, two stellar veterans who have won before – but considering all Chadwick has done for movies – and his untimely passing – this one feels right. 

Best TV Movie or Series goes to “The Queen’s Gambit” – no surprise there – everyone has been talking about it for months and it really had no good competition to contend with. 

Jodie Foster wins Best Supporting Actress for “The Mauritanian”. I don’t know what that means but she is a darling to Europe and they love her and this film has been getting high praise in the short time it has been available. 

The comedy hit parade keeps coming for Schitt’s Creek. Continuing it’s accolades, Golden Globes have recognized it, naming it Best Comedy. Of course to make things confusing they named Jason Sudeikis as Best Actor in a Comedy over the iconic Eugene Levy – again – Europeans. 

Best Original Score goes to “Soul” – and I would have to agree on this. Full of jazz the movie is, and the soundtrack props it up that way. It makes Jazz sound friendly and approachable and almost enjoyable. A great job by the sound team and the scorers. 

Aaron Sorkin comes away with Best Screenplay – for “The Trial of the Chicago 7”. A movie I have not seen, but his competition was not full of big names anyway, and I think his winning was the only right choice to make. 

Best Animated Film goes to “Soul” – anything coming even close was Croods 2. Everyone else held out until the theaters open. 

Legendary Catherine O’Hara wins Best Actress in a Comedy for “Schitt’s Creek”, which makes Eugene Levy’s snub ever more suspicious and wrong. I guess Europe thinks he’s too hairy. 

John Boyega proves that crying and whining in the press every month pays off – he wins Best Supporting Actor for something called “Small Axe”. All I know is almost every time I turn around he is complaining he can’t get work. Does he realize how many great actors can’t get work? The guy has got to put his big pants on and buckle up. He keeps playing either the race card or the Star Wars stereotyping card. He is quickly become the black Shia LaBeouf. 

All in all, really, everything was just dialed down. The competition, the pickings, the choices, the entertainment – was just very dialed down. It was more like an 8th grade popularity contest, before you move on to high school. Most things were just projects companies didn’t mind turning over to streaming services, and most things were made for the streaming services. 

No big blockbusters – which still does not explain Borat running away with the trophy. I guess he appeals to Europeans more than Alexander Hamilton. I certainly did not like the sequel – for one thing Borat couldn’t be Borat because everyone recognized him. So it was Sacha, playing Borat, playing someone else, playing tricks on people. I just didn’t find it very amusing and very repetitious. I guess I should be thankful I’m not a European. 

Thanks for reading – see ya every Thursday, right here!