Paulie’s Perspective: An Oscar for The Ages

So the Oscars has a problem. No one watches the show anymore. Now, granted, that’s a big problem. Well you say, how does one fix it? If you curtail to the popular opinion, you become no better than a sales award. The most popular movie more often than not, is not exactly the best made movie. So what do you do? Well, Oscar brainstormed and said – let’s get Twitter involved. This way, we don’t look like purely statistical The Billboard Awards and we get a hip social platform involved so we look younger and hip!  Maybe, with a little luck,  we can keep some integrity here.

Well, Oscar, actually, not really. You are doomed no matter what you do old buddy. So the Twitter thing is up and running, fans can vote for any movie released between March 1 and December 31, 2021. Hey look at Oscar! He’s so cool! Doing the whole Twitter thing! Good for Oscar! Is he still wearing a fanny pack? 

Hold up – this is called #OscarsFanFavorite poll and it is Oscar’s way to please fans and maybe even make them tune in to the broadcast. This of course has been an ongoing battle throughout the years when huge films were never invited into the Best Picture category – and it has been gaining steam with all the mega hit Marvel and DC movies.  Oscar thought maybe expanding the Best Picture Category to a flexible 10 nominations might have helped, but it hasn’t. People have been slamming Oscar over Spiderman movies. I mean, they’ve been grossing a ton of money and their quality and stories are nothing to sneeze at.

True – these movies have been called “Cookie Cutter Films” or “Formulaic Films” from Lucas to Coppola to Spielberg to Scorsese but one can only ignore record grossing films for so long. Money means people and people means ratings. 

Is this a good thing? I dunno – does it make the fans get more involved, especially the teens and the younger generations? Hell yes. Is that something maybe Oscar wants? Hell yes. So maybe it is a good thing.

As of now, Amazon Prime Video’s reimagining of Cinderella starring Camila Cabellos is in the lead. So does this mean the young female generation is hoarding twitter and creating their own little teeny bopper Oscar? You betcha. The force is strong with that female age group. Very strong. All the money those boy bands made over the years does not lie. 

Maybe one day there will be a grown up Oscar, and a Teenage Oscar. One for the Spielberg’s and Branagh’s and the other for Marvel films and the younger crowd.  One for the Schindler’s List, and one for the Twilight crowd who swoon over Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. 

Then you think – why stop there? Why not a Baby Oscar too? Maybe Paw Patrol has a movie out or Bob The Builder? 

So on awards night you’ll have Papa Oscar, Teen Oscar and Baby Oscar all given out by their most popular stars.  Tom Hanks, Channing Tatum and Elmo. I think that would cover all the bases don’t you? 

Of course if Billy Crystal were still hosting, boy would he have a hard time with that!  He’d have to change wardrobe from Tux, to T-shirt to diapers!