Off the Top Rope Podcast Episode 38: ECW December to Dismember

Mike and Rex kick the week off talking about this past weekend’s Fantasy Draft, which you can listen to right here.

After that, it’s talk about Chris Hero, ROH’s production issues, Raw, Handicap Matches galore, a great ending that looks like it might get ignored, and more. Then, it’s Impact talk, particularly about 27 minutes of wrestling in a two hour show.

After the break, it’s the show that killed ECW as it’s own brand, December to Dismember! Week three in our month of bad wrestling brings us a very long opener, a bunch of seven minute matches, and a main event that brought TNA chants.

We name our MVPs and LVPs, and then, afterwards, it’s on to the end of the month of bad wrestling with Armageddon 2004.