Off the Top Rope Episode 30: Great American Bash 1989


This week, we kick things off with Night of Champions, which felt more like a Raw than a PPV. We talk the vacation of the WWE Title, and express disappointment at the way it’s going to be decided.

We talk about Raw, about the end of Curtis Axel’s uneven push, and debate about what’s the best way to push a superstar.

Then it’s on to Impact, and we talk the Bound for Glory Series and St. Louis letting itself down as a wrestling city.

We wrap up the news with geeking out about the NXT Presentation Skills videos that have leaked to the internet in recent days.

After the break, it’s Flair, Funk, Sting, Muta, Cornette, Dangerously, Steamboat, Luger, and War Games (and some other stuff that’s nowhere near as entertaining), with NWA Great American Bash 89: Glory Days!

We then name our MVPs and LVPs, and then it’s revealed which show we’re reviewing next week, WWF Invasion!