NWA Crock & Roll #9: October 1985, Part 2

In part 2 of NWA Crock and Roll October 85, the crew with guest Logan Crosland, first head to Japan where Ric Flair goes title for title with AWA Champion Rick Martel, and also tags with Martel in a match against Tsruta and Tenryu! They then head back to the TBS studios where they discuss Arn’s claim to the TV title, the long awaited return of his fedora, then facing Wahoo McDaniel in a match for the Southern Title that Calum gets his shining moment in, much to Shawn’s chagrin. Dusty visits the doctor and has his first strange confrontation via video with Flair since his injury in the PWI Scouting Report Studios. R & R discuss their title loss, great intensity from Magnum and Tully building to their I Quit match and the debut of Miss Atlanta Lively and the impact it has to the wrestler portraying her as Valiant has a new ally against the Midnight Express! The Road to Starrcade 85 is heating up on NWA Crock and Roll!