NWA Crock & Roll #10: November 1985, Part 1

On the landmark episode 10 of NWA Crock & Roll, Shawn, Dr. G and Calum are joined by first time guest, Rory McNamara (Special Relations, Seen Your Video, Wrestling 20 Years Ago podcasts) to discuss the first half of November 85! After a brief intro of Rory and his Crockett viewing history they open with the amazing storytelling of the build to Tully/TA “I Quit” match in 20 minutes worth of TV that has one of the best “real” angles ever and is the feud better than Dusty/Flair? Jim Crockett no selling President Bob Geigel mandates, Tully’s continued trend of making fedoras look good, the “Soviet Union Ambassador of Destruction” Nikita Koloff, an atrocious Billy Graham/Abdullah match, several “uncomfortable” promos that would not hold up well in 2021, Starrcade 85 Update, complete with a Wahoo match announced much to Calum’s chagrin, Dusty’s “special” boot and return to the ring after injury, Arns continued claim to the now vacant TV Title, a trip to Mid South as Flair faces Butch Reed in a non title match with a shocking ending, why Sam Houston and Terry Taylor should stay away from microphones, the iconic first mention of the Four Horseman and close the show with the even more iconic greatest promo of all time… “Hard Times” as read by Calum Rhodes with a thought provoking breakdown by the newly tagged “Shakespeare of Special Relations” Rory McNamara. Starrcade 85 build continues and we are only halfway through the month!

We aren’t Tony & Conrad and don’t pretend to be, but possibly our best episode to date!

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