NFL Week 3 & No Mercy Discussion Thread- 9/24/17

It’s the perfect Sunday! Football and wrestling This is your one stop to chat titans of the gridiron and titans of the squared circle.

222 thoughts on “NFL Week 3 & No Mercy Discussion Thread- 9/24/17

      1. TJP and Swann are still feuding. And Kendrick & Gallagher are together and feuding with Cedric. You also have Tozawa and Gulak feuding. That currently leaves Dar, Nese, and Daivari as heels and Ali, Metalik, and Dorado as faces.

          1. Gulak is great. His character is wonderful and he can play off of Enzo well, like he did with the Fashion Police.

  1. I liked the main a good bit, more good Lesnar selling, actually had good payoff spots – like the F5 after early it made Lesnar collapse because of the early back work. I liked that finish a lot better than the snap one F-5 out of nowhere they did with Joe match.

          1. Lesnar pinning Reigns at SummerSlam was a nice feather in that story. Quite the long time for the payback too, but I’d be invested. Will just watch on mute so the marks in the crowd booing the entire time don’t sully it.

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