Money in The Bank 2015 Preview


The best things in life are free. Just look at my pay stub from all the podcasts and previews I’ve been doing lately! Because that statement is sadly more true than you may think, you can rest assured that you are getting the best Money in The Bank preview right here! Though if you want to throw a few green backs my way, well nevermind.

This is definitely the PPV that is knocking on the door of being in the upper echelon along with the Big 4. Some might even suggest that more happens on this show than either Survivor Series or Summerslam these days. I can’t say that I blame them for thinking that considering the zaniness and excitement that the Money in The Bank briefcase brings to WWE calendar. Be that as it may, this show always seems to deliver the goods. It’s a fairly loaded card top to bottom as every match involves either a title defense, a briefcase good for a title shot, or a champion vs. champion hook. Not many dogs to speak of if you ask me and since you are reading these words, obviously you have at least some interest in what I have to say. That’s why they pay me the big… compliments around here. So let’s do this shall we!



Wow… off to a roaring start! Quick prediction: no one is going to watch this match. You’ll hear podcasts all next week where the guest panalist will say something to the effect of, “I was out walking the dog” or “This was my chance to sit on the throne before the pay-per-view started.” On and on the excuses will pile up and you’ll be too lazy to go back and re-watch the Kickoff yourself so this match will fade into Bolivian or oblivion or wherever forgotten matches go to die. Two things: 1.) I marked out big time when Truth “forgot” he wasn’t in the Money in The Bank ladder match. Fits in perfectly with his eccentric character. 2.) This match should be for the crown. Truth wants it and Barrett has done less than nothing with it. Might as well have a low-card title since they may never bring back the Euro or Television belt. Barrett deserves better and should win easily but since this is the match that warms up the live crowd, I see Truth sneaking out with a W that no one will ever remember. MCGINN’S PICK: R-TRUTH


Ryback (C) vs. The Big Show


Two huge pieces of meat enter the ring with the Intercontinental Championship at stake this Sunday. A trend for this show is a few of these matches seemingly popped up out of the blue, but in this instance I think we could be in for a treat. Ryback, having just won the gold in the Elimination Chamber needs an established monster to vanquish in order to substantiate his newfound push up the card. Who better to fill in that role than the Big Show who helped reestablish Roman Reigns as a main event player a couple months ago. This will be an absolute slugfest! We love our big guy hoss matches here at Place to Be Nation and this one will be no exception. No gimmicks or weapons needed. Both these guys will feel their beatings in the morning. My lone nitpick is that they should have saved the Shell Shock spot for Sunday rather than waste it on Smackdown. That would have made for an awesome feat of strength and quite the moment on Sunday. Oh well! MCGINN’S PICK: RYBACK 


Nikki Bella (C) vs. Paige


Yikes, it’s a good thing these women are hot as hell… and you can’t teach that! I feel like these two wrestle every week and twice on Sundays. If you are like me and your nightmares consist of the Bella Twins on pay-per-view, then chances are, like me, you are as single as they come despite your impeccable good looks. You also may buy into the logic that the only reason why Nikki still has the belt is because they want her to pass the departed AJ Lee on the longest title reign list. Well here’s the sad facts my friends. As of June 12th, Nikki sits at 207 days with this most recent reign beginning at Survivor Series. In order to catch AJ, she would have to hold the title for another 199 days. Now that doesn’t mean she can’t lose the belt here only to win it back quickly down the road in order to catch Mrs. Punk. I just think they can’t help themselves. Look how seamlessly they turned The Bellas heel again after a brief face run against the Amazing Naomi. Face it fellas, we’re not that lucky. The reign of terror continues and I will be single forever! MCGINN’S PICK: NIKKI BELLA


The New Day (C) vs. The Prime Time Players


The greatest thing to happen to WWE television in years will once again defend their precious hardware against the always enjoyable Prime Time Players. Darren and Titus did quite well for themselves two weeks ago at Elimination Chamber. Part of me thought they were destined to bring home the gold that night had it not been for the numbers game that got the better of them in the chamber. Considering they were forgotten and left for dead over a year ago, it’s great to see them knocking on the door of their first tag team title reign. New Day, as predicted here by yours truly, have been a revelation to the tag division. They are smarmy and have mastered the cheat to win mentality while also remaining sweeter than a Dairy Cream Blizzard in July. They are all over the place from dominating the tag ranks to even flirting with the main eventers. It has been a pleasure to watch. This one is tough to call. With Kofi tied up in the ladder match, the sides for this one might even out. That’s good news for the Million Dollar duo. Plus, I don’t see any other titles changing hands on this show that doesn’t bode well for my most favorite tag team. Ugh, I’m depressed even typing these next few sentences. This should be a fun opener and the PTP’s will give Big E and Xavier all they can handle. The New Day will take a momentary step back though I could easily see these teams trading wins throughout the rest of the summer. MCGINN’S PICK: THE PRIME TIME PLAYERS



The match you never thought you’d ever see becomes the rematch that you probably think is happening way too soon. Don’t get me wrong, two weeks ago, their battle was unbelievable. I get chills watching it again but this begs the question of what these two pros have left for an encore. Without adding any wacky stipuations or even putting one of their titles on the line, what else could these two possible do to one another? I have a hard time picturing this being better than their Elimination Chamber bout. Remember when Cena and Rock fought at WM 28 and it was an instant classic? We never thought those two franchise players from different eras would ever face off and it took a whole year of booking but they finally made it happen. And it was terrific under the bright lights in Miami. So then they decide to give it another whole year and do it again at WM 29 and guess what, it sucked. Like how many times can one counter the Rock Bottom into the Attitude Adjustment and then back again. Really, it was obnoxious. That took a whole year for the novelty to wear off. It could happen this time in two weeks.

Owens said in his promo after his improbable victory over Cena that “it’s time for John Cena to go.” Personally, I don’t think that’s true but it may be time for Cena to lose to a guy on the rise. KO’s stock couldn’t be higher. He is so above NXT right now that the only reason why he should go back there at this point is to drop or give the NXT Title to someone else. He’s become the big star he always knew he could be. He hasn’t gotten to this point all by himself however. John Cena put on the performance of a life time at our last special event and will probably do to Owens what the Y2J’s did for him 10 years ago. Make the up and coming superstar look like gold on the big stage. Even though their paths never crossed, these two were made to fight one another. I can promise you will happy you decided to walk the dog or take a dump during that Truth match because you’re going to want to see this one until the very end. MCGINN’S PICK: KEVIN OWENS


Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville vs. Kofi Kingston


My Gawd this match is loaded. You have three former Mr. Money in The Bank winners, four former World Champions, a former NXT Champion, a Royal Rumble winner and Kofi Kingston all competing for that elusive gold briefcase. All of these men have reason to believe that they will follow Seth Rollins as the next Mr. Money in The Bank.

Neville – Won the NXT Title over Bo Dallas in NXT’s first-ever ladder match and went on to hold that belt longer than anyone in that company’s history. He is an expert high flyer and just the type of guy these matches tend to favor. Plus, what better way to establish a new star than to have him reach that contract first.

Randy Orton – He’s won it before as we saw in 2013 though ultimately that was used to start the Authority storyline. Mr. RKO has been Mr. MIA of late until he and Sheamus started beating each other.

Sheamus – He still looks stupid, but they obviously are building him up for something big. I thought it might be the IC title two weeks ago. Perhaps Sheamus can check MITB to his already impressive resume.

Dolph Ziggler – People still talk about Dolph’s cash in after WrestleMania 29. Too bad that concussion derailed what could have been an awesome World Heavyweight Championship reign. He does have Lana at least which is more than what I can say for the rest of this field.

Kofi Kingston – I never bought into the rumors that Kofi would be replaced by someone “more qualified.” I think he is there because he’s a fresh heel in an outstanding stable plus he can fly around. You need flyers and catchers in these types of matches and Kofi is excellent in the former. I’d mark out if he wins but it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense given what the main event looks like right now.

Kane – Him winning would cause several televisions to be shattered as a result of thrown remote controls and beer bottles. Strangely enough, it would make sense for the man who single-handedly helped Rollins to the same prize last year in Boston, to become the contract holder this year. He could screw with Rollins and make matches that would put the champ into compromising positions week after week. The Director of Operations could get some revenge for the weeks of ridicule he’s received from the golden child. (“I don’t need a 7 ft. piece of crap…”) Still, I’m hoping and praying against this scenario. So that brings us to…

Roman Reigns – This is pretty open and shut if you ask me. They are laying it on thick that Reigns is Ambrose’s buddy and all but all this is leading to Reigns finally getting his hands on the man who betrayed him. The tables will be turned this year and now Reigns will have the chance to ruin Rollin’s hopes and dreams by ridding him of his most prized possession. The briefcase is Taylor-made for Reigns. He comes in from the crowd, hits his spear out of nowhere, Superman punches you into next week and presto, a new champ is born! When Rollins won the belt at Mania, I figured he’d have a variety of challengers leading up to when he eventually gets cornered by either Reigns or a returning Brock Lesnar. Anyone other than Reigns winning here would just muddy up those waters. If they want to wrap a bow on the breakup of The Shield finally, You gotta go with Roman here. MCGINN’S PICK: ROMAN REIGNS


Seth Rollins (C) vs. Dean Ambrose


Well shoot, you probably already know where I’m going here. So I think Rollins wins of course because smart people like Brad Stutts and Graham Cawthon shut me down when I mentioned the idea of Ambrose winning only to have Reigns cash in on his best friend. Then Reigns turns heel but could be a heel everyone likes but alas, they are smarter than I am. It does make sense with the story they are telling with Roman and Dean being like “peas and carrots” on television but that might be a tad too predictable.

I will say that I was dead wrong at EC that these two fight too much and it’s starting to get old. That match had me captivated and I popped like a firecracker when I thought Ambrose won the gold. Turns out, the Dusty finish was used perfectly and I’ve highly enjoyed Ambrose’s exploits with the stolen championship. I want that pink saxophone picture as my wallpaper on my next Apple device. Anyway, without belaboring the point, I do think The Authority will end up helping Rollins after all even though the hook of this match is that Seth will do it all on his own. He gets the strap back in his possession but now has to constantly look over his shoulder as the new Mr. Money in The Bank looms in the shadows. Oh and there is also the little matter of The Beast coming back since we are getting close to Summerslam season. Enjoy it while it lasts kid! MCGINN’S PICK: SETH ROLLINS

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