Monday Night RAW Discussion Thread – 7/17/17

Talk about Monday Night Raw here, and hang around for The Place to Be Podcast tonight!

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      1. As much as we know this is a kayfabe story, she is too involved in promoting the company for any kind of story like that.

        My wife thinks it’s Summer Rae due to her following on instachat or snapgram or whatever it is.

  1. Here’s a question for the board. What is it that draws you to professional wrestling. Years after you first became a fan (likely as a youth). Because try as I might I have never been able to get fully into MMA or boxing. And it is that very choreographed, scripted nature of pro wrestling that I enjoy. For the most part, I like watch an athletic contest where I know I will get a beginning, middle and end. Like a three act story arc.

    1. Yeah I agree… I mean I just got so hooked early and never looked back but I know I will never quit it, even if just for the camaraderie the internet has afforded us as fans.

    2. It’s like a TV show that I feel like I have to finish and can’t stop in the middle.
      it definitely is losing its appeal with me as the years go by though and more people I know stop watching.

  2. Before anyone takes issue with reuniting the shield against Miztourage, just remember the once in a lifetime tag team of The Rock/John Cena faced the companies biggest threat of the Miz/R-Truth

  3. No Raw for me. It’s baseball season. Here is my personal order of importance for sports (real or fake) watching:

    1. Baseball
    2. Wrestling
    That is all.

        1. What’s happening J.R.? They don’t change the ropes. They simply put purple duct tape around the ropes. They do change the turnbuckle pads, but that’s easy.

          I saw the ring crews do this work at the Royal Rumble when Neville won the title.

          1. I bet HHH was backstage screaming at the guy who forgot to pack the tape lol

  4. Hit up Ishii/Goto at work. Goto used to be a guy who bored me to tears, but he’s improved over the last 12-18 months. I generally don’t care for the trope of back and forth forearms, but the end sequence with Ishii mocking the tiring Goto to keep firing back got to me. No idea how these guys take these clotheslines standing still. ***3/4 for me.

    1. Tanahashi/ZSJ started slowly, with audible calling by ZSJ through the opening matwork. Great selling by both guys as the Ace focuses his attack on BOTH of ZSJ’s legs as ZSJ begins tearing apart Tanahashi’s torn bicep. Pleased that Desperado’s influence was limited, and closing finish was pretty tight. Expected the result and wonder if Tanahashi will make it through the tourney or bow out early. ***3/4 again, though I’d give the nod to Goto/Ishii.

  5. So I caught the Bob Orton vs. Pedro Morales Boston Garden match that Kelly recommended yesterday. It’s a quality match, short but fun, driven entirely by Orton’s selling & stooging and worth checking out.

          1. This Piper-Bruno match is buck wild. Great brawling by both guys. Bruno’s super old but plays it like that just makes him more mean.

          2. Despite his age I have been shocked how good he was in this stretch, I have enjoyed every 86 match we have seen with him.

          3. Bruno was awesome in his last run. Wild brawling and matches under ten minutes long. Good formula.

  6. PWG BOLA 1st Round Matchups:

    Brian Cage vs. Dezmond Xavier
    Sammy Guevara vs. TK Cooper
    Rey Fenix vs. Rey Horus
    Donovan Dijak vs. Trevor Lee
    Flash Morgan Webster vs. Marty Scurll
    Jeff Cobb vs. Sami Callihan
    Matt Sydal vs. Penta El Zero M
    Matt Riddle vs Michael Elgin
    Jonah Rock vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
    Mark Haskins vs. Travis Banks
    Ricochet vs. Flamita
    Keith Lee vs. WALTER

  7. Bray Wyatt really needs to take time off and go away. His character is so played out at this point with his empty threats and hit and miss work rate.

      1. Both. Take time away then come back and have him go on a long run by winning feuds for a stretch. Maybe even change up the look with different clothes.

        The problem with his character is no one takes him seriously bc he almost never wins any feuds that he’s been in. He would’ve been a huge star had he gone over Cena at XXX. After that, he wasn’t the same.

          1. I thought it was gable haha. I mean I am/was an American alpha fan. So I’m excited they are doing something with him. I just wish it wasn’t this. But I guess let’s see where they take it.

          1. Agreed, why couldn’t they just have angle say he saw one guy in the wwe that reminded him of himself and he saw his talent being wasted on smackdown that’s why he made a trade or whatever and has brought Jason Jordan to raw, I’m glad they are doing something with Jordan but not sure how this is going to work.

          2. That is a fine scenario. Have Angle give the endorsement without the bad storyline attachment.

          3. Everyone always kind of fantasy booked Angle as AA’s manager so that would’ve been the closest thing to it

  8. “Haaaaa it’s funny cause that Jason kid is black and Kurt is white!” – Vince says while HHH and Steph sit in a corner facepalming

  9. If we get vignettes the next few weeks of Kurt teaching Jason how to shave, play catch, win the father son canoe race then I’m all in on this storyline.

          1. Yeah it was tough to get through. Even the Savage tag was a step back from their usual stuff. Hoping that was rock bottom.

  10. The good thing about being from the UK is that you get to wake up to crazy stuff like Jason Angle! Out of everything it could be, I was not expecting that….. haha

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