McGinn’s WWE Superstars Recap – 4/24/14

IC Champ Big E makes his second straight appearance on Superstars (Courtesy

Superstars Nation, it has been a week for the ages for your humble correspondent so please forgive me for bringing you this all-you-can-eat pizza buffet of wrestling a mere one day later than usual. No matter where this experience takes me, Superstars will always be my home. Had it not be for this two-match, all fluff spectacle, I’d probably just be eating Hamburger Helper and marathoning WCW pay-per-views while talking to myself. But because of this show and PTBN, I can now write about it while eating Hamburger Helper and marathoning WCW pay-per-views while talking to myself. Seriously though, I feel very blessed because this week I was involved in two new and exciting projects which launched on our site: the first Inside the Legends’ House recap and Episode 1 of The Steve Corino Show. Not to get all Troy McClure from The Simpsons on you, but you may have also heard me on a pair of Place to Be Podcasts that dropped this week (on iTunes, Stitcher and All this while still managing to stay gainfully employed and remain single. Not too shabby.

With that said, you never forget your roots and as far as Superstars goes, we still have miles to go before we sleep. So sit back, fire yourself up some Cheeseburger Macaroni and let’s head down to ringside!

Your announcers tonight are Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton. 


Sweet! Back-to-back weeks of the IC Champion on Superstars. The big shows have been crowded lately with Daniel Bryan/Kane stuff and especially the Evolution/The Shield skirmish. Also taking up space is the #1 contender Intercontinental Title tournament taking place and all we are left seeing of our champion is him standing next to a monitor. Big E still puts on terrific matches, is still young and for the most part remains popular among the fans so I have no problem him coming out on Superstars and popping the crowds. Sandow, meanwhile, is a mess and definitely deserves better. I love how the announcers here point out that he feels insulted that he wasn’t even invited to participate in the tournament. If this is slow burn booking which eventually leads to him winning something big this year, it is moving at a snail’s pace.

Good back-and-forth action in this one as both guys got in their usual spots. Saxton mentions that E’s title is arguably the second most prestigious title in the company right now and let’s hope they treat it as such. Sandow is in complete control heading into the break and executed his elbow of disdain after we were instructed not to “try this at home.” Damien looked amazing in this contest and consistently kept E off-balance. He scored with that swank running neck-breaker and really pummeled the stuffing out of our champion. E even had some legit blood around his nose and mouth area towards the end of the match. It would not last though as the straps came down soon thereafter and Langston hit the Big Ending for the three-count. WINNER: BIG E

Thoughts: Awesome match! One of the best I’ve seen since starting this gig. I hope creative was paying attention because these two were fantastic. After the bout, Jerry comes out to interview our victor on the “Mean Gene” podium. E says everyone from the mail man, the milk lady and even El Torito are lining up to take down the champion. He goes on to say that “iron sharpens iron” and to be the best he has to beat the best which elicits a familiar “Wooo” from the fans. He is playing for keeps at Extreme Rules. 

Next we get a package of The Shield’s war with Evolution. I am definitely looking forward to this six-man at Extreme Rules. Is Flair going to be involved at some point? Does The Shield breakup story ever resurface? I love how Triple H seems to now have control over all the midcard heels to help with his group’s bidding. Awesome heel work in this feud and Ambrose calling Orton a creampuff always makes me smile.

Hey look at that! WWE Legends House was the #1 most watched show on the WWE Network last week. I believe Scott and I have a tremendous deal to do with that and you can read all about Episode 1 of that masterpiece right here.

Kongos “Come With Me Now” is the official theme of Extreme Rules. It’s infectiously catchy and upbeat so you know I downloaded it today. I am such a mark!

On the Raw Rebound, Kane savagely attacked Daniel Bryan in front of his wife, Brie Bella, and it sets up a title match at our next PPV. I am going to take a different approach to this topic. I am going to agree with it 100%. Will Kane hoist both belts in victory? Absolutely not. But did you suspect Dude Love to be world champion when he faced Stone Cold in 1998? Not likely. Sometimes champions just need to have quality title defenses that bring out another element to our champ’s character. Bryan works well with big guys and already has wonderful chemistry/back story with his former tag team partner, Kane. Kane is also a monster again and not the chunky corporate Mr. Clean in a suit and that just adds more violence to the picture. Bryan should dispose of Kane, become a giant slayer and look good for a summer feud against either Brock Lesnar of Batista. Sorry, I’m not sorry for feeling this way. People have problems with this booking, but I think it’s genius!


Kofi is on a losing streak and Titus has been involved in the Evolution entourage. This is obviously a rematch from a couple shows ago which is fine with me so long as 3MB or little people aren’t involved. I feel they should take the U.S. Belt off of Ambrose so that guys like this have something to fight for if they aren’t already shooting for the IC title. Kingston frustrated Titus early with his aerial assault and speed, but that was quickly resolved with an old fashion boot to the face. The commentators mentioned that O’Neil wants to stomp on peoples’ dreams which seemed appropriate. 

After some barking to the crowd, O’Neil began mauling his opponent with some back breakers and leg drop to the back of Kingston’s head. A second leg drop attempt was stymied allowing Kofi to recover in time to land a beautiful drop kick. More educated footwork got the crowd pumped before Titus stopped the rally. He attempted a fall away slam that was countered into a pinning position for our hero. After a kickout and a missed clothesline, Kofi delivered some Trouble in Paradise and the losing streak has been conquered! WINNER: KOFI KINGSTON 

Thoughts: Great to see Kofi win for once. Is he going to be pushed and get out of the dreaded “friends zone”? Probably not. As I know from experience, there may never be a way out of that!

“The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Be prepared. So when your moment of inspiration arrives, it won’t catch you by surprise. You just have to Bolieve.” I can’t think about Bo Dallas without weeping. Moving on!

In our closing segment, John Cena has to face all three members of the Wyatt Family. This just goes to show that the voters on that app hate the leader of the Cenation. If Hulk Hogan in 1990 had the WWE app, I’m guessing the fans wouldn’t have voted to have him face Earthquake, Dino Bravo and The Barbarian on Prime Time Wrestling. Cena did take a thrashing in this one and the Wyatts look strong as usual. The singing is creepy as hell and don’t even ask me where this is going but I just can’t look away! Kudos to Bray for terrifying me weekly and to Cena for playing along with that lunatic.

Final thoughts: Superstars rebounded well after an off-month post-Mania. The interview podium adds a nice touch and the two matches were superb. If you are doing podcasts all week and can’t watch Raw all the way through, this show is like a nice warm blanket on a chilly, rainy day. 

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