Making Mount Rushmore, The Wrestling Edition #2

In the second episode of Making Mt. Rushmore: Wrestling, panelists J Arsenio D’Amato, Ben Locke, Steve Riddle & James Gruenberg join moderator Andy Atherton to discuss which Heel Turns deserve a place as on their respective lists. Is Hulk Hogan’s from 1996 a no-brainer? What about Andre The Giant’s from 1987? Will Bret Hart’s from 1997 grab a spot? Does Shawn Michaels’ from 1992 or Steve Austin’s from 2001 deserve a place? After that, they discuss which Face Turns will be part of that grouping. Can you argue that the CM Punk’s from 2011 shouldn’t get a spot? Will Batista’s from 2005 be included? Is Randy Savage’s from 1991 in the conversation? What about Steve Austin’s from 1997 & Hulk Hogan’s from 2002?