Laugh-In Theater – Office Christmas Party

On the forty-fourth episode of Laugh-In Theater, Andy Atherton is joined by James Gruenberg do a live watch of the 2016 comedy, Office Christmas Party. The guys discuss companies going cheap on parties; being guilted into donations; break room politics; expensive cans of soda; street pretzels; bad first dates; breaking wind during meetings; the farty cheese lady; Jennifer Aniston’s post-Friends resume; Jib Jabs; pre-gaming; The Snow Titan; awkward co-worker conversations; ways to prepare salmon; ice block luge; sumo suits; stealing someone’s Cinnabon; annoying Uber drivers; naughty 3-D printers; tasing people; sisterly love; Hacker College; cronuts aka “the bastard pastry” and waking up in weird places. So remember: drinking is medicinal.